Documentary – BLOOD DIAMONDS: The True Story (2006)

Documentary exploring infamous historical events. This instalment examines the little-known truth about how the worldwide diamond trade has funded wars across western and central Africa, leading to the deaths of millions of people.

Blood Diamonds: The True Story combines firsthand accounts from survivors and perpetrators of the African diamond-funded wars with testimony from a range of industry experts and journalists. Along with remarkable accounts of the true horrors of these hidden wars comes an exploration of the worldwide fascination with diamonds, the difficulties of obtaining justice for the millions of people who have suffered through the illegal diamond trade, and the complexity of adapting the industry to benefit the people of Africa.

3 Comments on “Documentary – BLOOD DIAMONDS: The True Story (2006)”

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  2. khirakorn says:

    I think it is very interesting VDO i’ve ever seen. it gives a lot of knowledge about what is called ‘conflict diamond’ and also the awareness of this business.

  3. Anonymous says:

    bitch cftgfttyt

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