The “Gestapo” Revives: Mind Control In US and EU

by Anders
Published: Mar. 29, 2010 –

Summary: A U.S. congressman has had a slip of tongue about Obama’s new health legislation, saying it has taken many years and will still take some time to get the necessary legislation through in order to control people. Behind this is that this legislation requires the implantation of a chip with information abouti.a. individual medical data, to be implanted in everybody, thus enabling the regime to control and influence every one. Obama has recruited 16,500 armed officers to ensure that each rule is observed. Now the Europol has become an EU agency and has been given enlarged and vaguely defined remit to go after heavy internet crimes such as racism, xenophobia, criticism of the EU’s false claims about global warming caused by anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The Europol will take note of people’s behavioural data, including lifestyles and routines, movements, places visited, tax positions, DNA, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, union memberships and data concerning health or sex life. “This reminds creepily about the Gestapo. Nottingham, England, has just undergone a massive police raid on youngsters aged 13-24 years – with nude scanners, etc. to combat knife criminality. British researchers have now developed the nearly perfect lie detector that can read brain currents and thereby study people’s memories – having us all arrested for precrimes not committed. Politicians have explicitly wanted mass immigration to “radically change our societies.” They have certainly done so – and achieved what they wanted: an excuse for a European police state after Gestapo´s pattern.

Obama-talerDigital Journal 24 March 2010: Congressman John Dingell “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps, to put the legislation together to control the people,” you tube.
Now what is behind this remark? I have previously written about brain chipping to make mankind pothuman robots – and in that context: The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.” Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.” And where is this chip to be placed? First under the skin – later in the brain! 
IRSThis sort of device would be implanted in the majority of people who opt to become covered by the public health care option.   Eventually everyone will be implanted with a chip. Thereby, everybody can be controlled and influenced.

And don´t doubt it. Obama´s new Healthcare Legislation is so important to him that according to US Senator Ron Paul, he is activating 16.500 armed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials to enforce the observance, putting people in jail if they don´t follow of every rule! Do you remember how Obama demanded his own army for internal security? Here it is. So –  control seems to be the purpose.

But what about the EU – will it also use population mind control?
It has the prerequisites: The European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia punishing with 3 years of imprisonment. It has the European Arrest Warrant – and it has the Europol which has now become an agency under the control of the EU Parliament.
And indeed, the Europol is setting out to catch the dangerous cyberspace criminals. I do not think of child pornography – which was for the first time in a European Treaty not exempted from a guarantee in The  Lisbon Treaty for respect for any sexual orientation  – in order not to offend Muslims (Aisha). Nevertheless, the EU is now considering to close down all websites dealing with child abuse. I.e. the EU is about to break the Lisbon Treaty, its Constitution!!!
No, I an writing about much worse crimes: Opposition to immigration and the behaviour of e.g. Islam -e.g. by quoting the Koran correctly (Geert Wilders). I am thinking of the abominable crime of showing unbiased scientific material proving that there is no global warming, and that CO2 is totally harmless – when the EU and all its subservient media with faulty documentation explicitly preach that science is so overwhelmingly settled that the global warming scam is a fact.  
Dog-cancer-around-chipsMaybe Obama´s Health Care is not all that healthy, World Net Daily 24 March : 2 dogs developed cancer at and around implanrted chips. If cell phones can cause cancer – what then about brain chips?

The Daily Express 25 March 2010: Millions of Britons face being snooped on by a new European intelligence agency which has been handed frightening powers to pry into our lives. Europol can access personal information on anyone – including their political opinions and sexual preferences – if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity. The vagueness of the Hague-based force’s remit sparked furious protests yesterday with critics warning that the EU snoopers threaten our right to free speech. It is understood the agency will concentrate on anyone thought “xenophobic” or likely to commit a crime involving the environment, computers or motor vehicles.This could include covert monitoring of people who deny the existence of climate change or speak out on controversial issues. Paul Nuttall, chairman of the UK Independence Party, said: “I am horrified. These guys we cannot sack until we leave the EU.”
James Welch, legal director of campaign group Liberty, said: “We have huge concerns that Europol appears to have been given powers to hold very sensitive information and to investigate matters that aren’t even crimes in this country.

Until January 1, Europol was a police office funded by various states to help tackle international organised crime. But it has been reborn as the official criminal intelligence-gathering arm of the EU and Brussels has vastly increased its powers. It can now target more than simply organised crime and the Internet-snoopingburden of proof required to begin monitoring an individual has been downgraded. Europol has also been absorbed into the EU superstructure, so it will be centrally funded, sweeping away a key check on its independence.
Campaigners last night expressed concern over the vague list of “serious crimes” which the agency can help investigate, which include racism and xenophobia, environmental crime and corruption. Among personal details that can be gathered and stored are “behavioural data” including “lifestyle and routine; movements; places frequented”, tax position and profiles of DNA and voice.

Where relevant, Europol will also be able to keep data on a person’s “political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership and data concerning health or sex life”. Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, warned that it threatened our right to free speech. “It doesn’t surprise me that Europol has been handed these rather frightening powers,” he said. “We now live in a pan-European state so it was to be expected that it would have a federal police force with powers over us.

Cybercrime“There is a real danger that opposition to EU policies could make an individual liable to arrest.For example, if Brussels adopts a hard-line stance on climate change, it’s conceivable that someone who broadcasts their scepticism of climate change may be accused of committing an environmental crime because they have undermined the EU’s efforts to save mankind.” Timothy Kirkhope, Conservative leader in the European Parliament, said: “Europol’s new mandate has significantly expanded its powers. “There is a real chance that the vague mandate will enable it to gradually extend its areas of intervention even further.”
The Home Office insisted the changes were in Britain’s interests.A spokesman said: “Europol is now in a much stronger position to better support our fight against serious and organised crime and terrorism.”

The Guardian´s journalist, Charlie Skelton: Peter Mandelson (Emminence Grise behind Gordon Brown, former EU Commissioner, and personal friend of Nathaniel Rothschild) talked about “the need for regulation” of the internet. “There are worries about the impact of the internet on our society,” he said. I bet he is worried; but not half as worried as I am about “the need for regulation”.

Infowars 22 March 2010:  “In Merry Old England, the land of George Orwell, the police state is kicking into high gear. In Nottingham on Saturday, hundreds of cops took to the streets in a coordinated effort to remind Brits they live in an advanced high-tech police state “Hundreds of police officers were on the streets of Nottingham throughout Saturday night in an effort to tackle knife crime in the city,” reports the BBC. “The major operation involved 200 officers as part of a Home Office project targeting 13 to 24-year-olds.”
It was like a scene out of Nazi Germany. “Officers and a specially-trained dog met young people coming off a number of bus routes.” They were forced to go through metal detectors and naked body scanners. Drug testing was also carried out. Brits and Americans were told naked body scanners were designed to catch terrorists at airports. Now they are mobile and on the Mind-readingstreets. Get used to it. “Drug dogs were also deployed on the streets and traffic officers used automated number plate recognition technology to identify vehicles wanted in connection with a crime, stolen vehicles and vehicles or motorists driving without insurance.” Once again, the British state has sent a message to the commoners — they are all suspects and guilty until proven innocent. The enemy is not al-Qaeda or Islamic Brits per se. It is the entire population at large. Britain is a police state incubator.”  

The Daily Mail 12 March 2010A computer program that can read your mind has been developed by British scientists. In tests, it was able to access and interpret memories by scanning the brain patterns of volunteers. A study, which was funded by the Wellcome Trust, focused on the hippocampus, a small area of the brain that plays a key role in memory, navigation and imagining the future. Unravelling the workings of memory raises the prospect of developing infallible lie detector tests. The interpretation of intentions could even allow police to arrest criminals before they break the law, as seen in the 2002 Tom Cruise film, Minority Report. Here is a film in German on mind control

 The Daily Mail 10 Febr. 2010 As part of a campaign launched yesterday, youngsters will look for residents with untidy or litter-strewn surroundings and then try to persuade them to clean up their homes. Children involved should also write to authorities to demand action against those whose houses are labelled anti-social, ministers recommended. But Dr Green said: ‘There is a risk here that the same people who break up your car will then complain that you have left a wreck outside your house.’ Snoopers could be given cash rewards for identifying benefit cheats under controversial plans being drawn up by ministers. They are considering whether informers should be given a share of the money saved. Ministers believe offering incentives for reporting cheats will be a powerful tool in the battle to tackle benefit fraud, which costs taxpayers around £1billion a year. But privacy campaigners called the idea ‘immoral and dangerous’.

The Daily Mail 19 Febr. 2010:  A U.S. school district used laptop webcams to spy on students at home, potentially catching them and their families in compromising situations. Officials in Philadelphia can activate webcams on the computers without students’ knowledge or permission, a lawsuit alleges. The Robbinses said they learned of the alleged webcam images when Lindy Matsko, an assistant high school principal, told their son that school officials thought he had engaged in improper behavior at home. Technology or no, Supreme Court precedents draw ‘a firm line at the entrance to the house,’ Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, quoting an earlier case.

English and Danish Social Democrats have admitted that they wanted mass immigration to change our societies radically. As this development is against the will of the more and more battered European populations Gestapo methods are becoming necessary to silence opposition against this change to the New World Order. Freedom of speech will be stifled in terms of criticism of immigration (xenophobia) and the climate/CO2-lie. Another reason is the climate lie: The New World Order is building on lies that are carefully administered to people over a long time, so that in the end everybody believes lie is truth. So who works for the truth suspends the enforcement of the New World Order as a worldview.

In the United Kingdom  – as in Gestapo´s days – children are being used as spies. It is good that benefit fraud is revealed – but it’s not fine to promote louts to do policing, receiving premiums for reporting “negligence” that they may have created themselves. It is also good enough to go for knife criminality, but if you cannot go to town without being attacked, it is perhaps understandable that people carry a weapon for self defense – which is already punishable. The right of self-defense was taken from us to be surrendered to the police who can, will or dare not defend us against the increasing violence in society – particularly as a result of mass immigration. The United States will use the new health care legislation to enforced chips into everybody, in order to control and influence people – in a worst Orwell / Aldous Huxley style scenario. This is not a vision for the future. It’s today’s and tomorrows police community. And now thought reading machines are being developed that can detect criminal thoughts – leading to precrime arrests. With the expanded crime definition,this means they can arrest the whole community – for which there is not enough capacity. Therein lies our hope!




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