Swine flu, Bird flu ‘never happened’: Probe into H1N1 ‘false pandemic’



International Hearings Begin On “Falsified” Swine Flu Pandemic

Swine Flu: Who Profits?

VIDEO – Flashback: 1976 Swine Flu Scam

H1N1, the False Pandemic

The ‘false’ pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief

What are Obama’s investments in biotech companies apparently developing the “bird” and “swine” flu vaccine?

Who Will Profit from the Deadly Flu This Time?

Big Pharma: Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak

VIDEO – The Swine Flu Fiasco (CBC, 1983)

The Swine Flu Fear Mongering and Pandemic Propaganda can Stop Now

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