Haiti Earthquake Headlines

Haiti death toll may exceed 100,000Link
Haitian government officials say the death toll from Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake may surpass 100,000

Devastation in Haiti: Pictures from the EarthquakeLink

Help Haiti: The Unforgiven Country Cries OutLink

Haiti Earthquake Caught on TapeLink (Video)

Haiti Earthquake AftermathLink (Video)

The Truth about Haiti’s SufferingLink

Haiti Devastated by Largest Earthquake in 200 YearsLink (Videos)

9 Comments on “Haiti Earthquake Headlines”

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  2. SkipsBeerPong.com says:

    SkipsBeerPong.com will donate 1$ off of every sale to the victims in haiti!


  3. Billy Wiliams says:

    This is one of the most offensive and true things I’ve ever read. Check it out here.


  4. Books For Haiti is conducting a book-drive with proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders’ work in Haiti. If you live in the bay area, consider donating your used books!


  5. michellefrommadison says:

    Hopefully soon, before another penny is spent on Haiti, it’s people, or it’s infrastructure, that America realizes the fragility of this doomed piece of the world. And in a humanitarian position says to it’s survivors there are two options available in which the United States will assist them. ONE: leave the country and the U.S. can put it’s donated money into helping to relocate and to stabilize those people. And, TWO: if anyone who chooses to remain there, to make them aware that the U.S. should not, and will never, help those people again because it is predictable that their country will sustain another devastating earth-tremor-catastrophe in the near future. Remaining there is futile optimistic expectations that have proven to be nothing but a farce. Clear out and be helped, and trash the entire country of Haiti, sell it to a neighboring country for all rights and privileges and use that money to help the survivors. To put a penny more into that hornet’s nest is a freakin’ waste of anyone’s money.

  6. Tengoinfo says:

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  7. ReginaAdonna says:

    These things and much worse will continue to happen as Yahweh, our God and Creator pours out His wrath upon mankind leading up to Armageddon. It is His will that you all know exactly where it is coming from.

    Matthew 10:34 “Don’t assume that I came to bring peace on the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

    Exodus 15:3 “The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is His name.”

    “There will be no peace on Earth until My Son’s Kingdom. I will crush every kingdom now standing and rock the earth off its foundation. I Yahweh will destroy every enemy to My throne, and who can stop Me? Who can turn back My anger? No one.” – Yahweh

  8. I long to talk with some old lover”s ghost, Who died before the god of Love was born….

    So, so, break off this last lamenting kiss, Which sucks two souls, and vapors both away….

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