Documentary – VIETNAM, The Last Battle by John Pilger (1995)

In 1975, John Pilger reported the end of the Vietnam War from the American Embassy in Saigon, where the last American troops fled from the roof-top helicopter pad. He was made Journalist of the Year and International Reporter of the Year for his reporting of the Vietnam War over a period of almost ten years. In 1995’s ‘Vietnam: The Last Battle’, Pilger returned to Vietnam to review those twenty years, seeking to rescue something of Vietnamese past and present from Hollywood images which pitied the invader while overshadowing one of the most epic struggles of the 20th century.


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12 responses to “Documentary – VIETNAM, The Last Battle by John Pilger (1995)

  1. A few years back I read John Pilger’s article “The Fall of Saigon 1975: An Eyewitness Report” (see, e.g., I found it truly breathtaking. I had been a young graduate student at the time of Vietnam war, following its events with heartfelt intensity (they even indelibly marked those of my personal chronology … I know exactly what I was doing at each major turn of that wretched war…). Mr. Pilger’s masterpiece brought it all back for me in sharp relief.

    His 1995 film “VIETNAM, The Last Battle” presented here is indeed thought provoking. It documents the epic independence struggle of that extraordinary nation, while it also raises broad questions that concern us all. On the insidiousness of the capitalist plague, the monstrosity of western imperialism, and perennial corruptibility…

    BTW, with the present collapse of the western scavengers’ economies, there are optimistic predictions of the coming qualitative change in the “world order”. Although, to loosely paraphrase Mark Twain, are the news of evil’s demise still premature?…

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