At Least 95 Killed in Pakistan Suicide Bombing

Over 100 Wounded as Car Bomber Hits Volleyball Match in Bannu Village

At least 95 people were killed today and over 100 wounded when a suicide car bomber struck a crowd of spectators at a volleyball match in the Shah Hassan Khan village in Bannu District, Northwest Frontier Province.

The carload of explosives did massive damage to the village, including 20 homes in the immediate vicinity. The village was less than 20 miles from South Waziristan Agency, the site of Pakistan’s largest ongoing military operation.

The village elders had recently organized a tribal militia aimed at expelling the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from the village, after Pakistan’s South Waziristan offensive led to growing numbers of the militants taking refuge in the town.

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One Comment on “At Least 95 Killed in Pakistan Suicide Bombing”

  1. Marty Yost says:

    Somehow I just can’t quite feel sorry for Muslims killing Muslims. These radicals have no moral compass. Given enough time, they will all kill one another and eliminate the problem for America. Why do we have any interest in the Middle East? We have enough domestic resources to supply ourselves if we would only develope our known reserves.
    Unlike our president, I believe we should have a heavy hand with alien terrorists. Go back to public hangings and string them up in the middle of Time Square, and let them swing there for another 24 hours with the foriegn press as witnesses. Send the message that we will not allow their unholy “holy war” here on our soil.

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