Climate Religion and Copenhagen II. Gaia Churches of Climatology. How Gorbachev, Rockefeller and Rothschild Terminate Christianity

Part 1 – The Climate Religion and Copenhagen I. UN: “Environment Should Compete with Religion, So That We can Shape People and Countries”

by Anders
Published: Dec. 08, 2009 –

Summary: The Copenhagen Conference on an alleged global warming has a strong religious / apocalyptic element, since it is  driven by fanatical, hysterical NGOs with such force that it puts politicians under pressure – as do the globalist organizations like the EU and the UN. The religion is a cult of Mother Earth, Gaia of the ancient Greeks, with Luciferian notions of human divinity, and that God is nature (pantheism). After 40 years of corrosive mental hygiene not only people – but also churches are widely dechristianized. So many are joining this pagan religion that does not have room for Christ as the saviour of man from death. Instead, they worship his Creation – will even introduce more dead rituals, such as the blessing of animals, which allegedly will also be resurrected: “The power of resurrection is placed in our hands,” say these crazy priests. The morals of the Gaia religion are not Christ’s Commandments – but those of Lenin´s through Gorbachev’s “Earth Charter”, the sustainability ideology. In evidence of unity within this new world religion  churches in North America and Northern Europe will ring their bells  in alarm for Creation by 350 strokes each – in a relay from Svalbard to Copenhagen through Norway and Sweden. 350 strokes, because the trickster, James Hansen of NASA´s GISS,  claims without substantiation that any atmospheric CO2 concentration above 350 parts per one million is dangerous. Not surprising that an English court has called the green movement a religion. The Catholic Church wholeheartedly joins the pagan Gaia religion, which is closely related to the Pope’s Interfaith Movement – an offshoot of Rockefeller’s United Religions Initiative, the tool to appease peoples in his world state. 


The Climate scam has been shown to be the biggest scandal in the history of science. The dishonesty and deception of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia been clearly demonstrated – even by the scientists themselves. This group provides the climate projections to the Nobel Prize winner, the NGO, viz. the IPCC on which the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen from 7–13 december with about 16 thousand delegates, journalists, activists from all over the world is based.

What makes the Copenhagen Conference   apocalyptical is that the climatist movement has become the world religion for Mother Earth, the ancient Greek goddess, Gaia. People in the Western world have been dechristianized according to a diabolically masterminded plan called mental hygiene. Danish and British Social democrats have stated that they wanted to radically destroy the old world order by means of unlimited Islamic immigration. This and the total playing into their hands by the media has not only eliminated Christianity and its associated culture. It has brought a shift of religion to the gnostic environmentalist idolatry of the first gods of mankind: Gaia and Lucifer. This shift has swapped over on the churches who now are eager participants in the great chorus worshipping and lauding Gaia, the goddess of the one world state for the greater gains of the manipulators of mankind, those who today call themselves illuminists – like the EU elite (explanatory statement). 

As seen in part I on the Climate Religion and Copenhagen, the Gaia cult is strongly associated with another lie: “Global warming”. Behind it is the Earth Charter by Steven Rockefeller, Michael Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. The Earth Charter Initiative is wide reaching. It will change people´s heart and mind and thus introduce the communist ideology of the Earth Charter, called “sustainability” in a world governance, and here.

Earth-charter-4Earth-charter-1The mission of the Earth Charter Initiative is to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice (communism), democracy, and a culture of peace.
We envision individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and multilateral institutions throughout the world, including the United Nations General Assembly and UN agencies, acknowledging the Earth Charter, embracing its values and principles, and working collaboratively to build just, sustainable, and peaceful societies.

Between 2007 and 2008 ECI implemented a project on Religion and Sustainability that focused on outreach to religious groups and leaders to seek their institutions engagement in using the Earth Charter. This project also involved research and the development of education materials designed specifically for religious audiences. 
In early 2009, as part of the ECI decentralization strategy, a Task Force on Religion, Spirituality and Ethics was formed. This Task Force aims to engage a broad range of individuals, institutions, and organizations concerned with religion, spirituality, ethics, to use the Earth Charter.

So, what has The Earth Charter Initiative achieved?



The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church  USA,endorsed the Earth Charter as did the United Church of
Christ Tampa.
Radio new Zealand 8 Febr. 2009   The head of the Anglican Church in New Zealand has called on church leaders worldwide to show moral leadership in the campaign against global warming.
The Boston Globe 7 Dec. 2008 Churches and temples across the northwestern suburbs of Boston are taking a greenness-is-next-to-godliness approach to their sanctuaries.
The Guardian 20 Nov. 2009: A Tory MEP has accused the Church of England of having “abandoned religious faith entirely and taken up the new religion of climate alarmism instead”. Roger Helmer, who resigned from the Tory frontbench in Europe when the Westminster leadership dumped its promised referendum on the Lisbon treaty, used a magazine article to urge the Church to “get back to the gospel”.

Climate Change reshapes the nature of Creation. The skies, the seas, the land, the plants, the animals, all are being affected By the changing climate of God’s Creation. In Your love You have given the power of resurrection; resurrection that reaches out beyond humanity and extends to all of Creation. This power of resurrection you have placed in our hands and feet. (Notice: Man – not Christ – was given the power of resurrection! Christ says in Matt. 28:18: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given EarthAnimationEarth-charter2to me”!)

Leader: Grant us a spirit of concern for the future of our environment; Bring an end to the exploitation of the earth’s scarce resources; Encourage us to be responsible stewards of your Creation. Response: Creator God, make us prophets of our time. Leader: Grant us a spirit of respect, recognizing the value and integrity of all Creation; Encourage us to be accepting of ourselves and of others. We pray for revelation, the revelation that we see You in all of Creation and seek ways in which we can, protect, preserve, and sustainably use Creation in a way that Your Glory may be seen by all.

God does not reside in a shrine, but rather throughout all of Creation (pantheism). It is this blessing that allows us to turn from our ways and begin to renew God’s Creation that surrounds us. We are now aware that the responsibility for global climate change rests with humans, and that the cycle of extreme poverty is perpetuated by human sin, including sins of omission.the rest of Creation, both our brothers and sisters living in poverty, and the environment which surrounds us all. As the children of God we are tasked with continuing the reconciliation that Jesus Christ began. This means living in harmony with In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, God again reconciled all of Creation back to God. Warning the participants in Copenhagen is not the start of the new address of the church bell sound
Bill_McKibben_at_RIT-3The Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ is actively engaged in an international campaign to raise awareness of the need to reduce carbon parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere to the sustainable level of 350 ppm (the current level is almost 450 ppm.)  The UCC Massachusetts asked our churches to ring their steeple (or other) bells 350 times by the 350th day of 2008. We encouraged participating churches to seek as much local publicity for their action as possible

Wikipedia Step It Up 2007 is a nationwide grassroots environmental campaign started by Bill McKibben to demand action on global warming by the U.S. Congress. McKibben is active in the Methodist Church. The same team announced a new campaign in March 2008 called the The organizing effort, aimed at the entire globe, drew its name from (fraudulent) climate scientist James Hansen’s contention earlier that winter that any atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) above 350 parts per million was unsafe., which has offices and organizers in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, attempts to spread that 350 number in advance of international climate meetings set for December 2009 in Copenhagen – by church bell ringing. Right: Bill McKibbern.

Only a holistic vision of “ecological justice” will adequately inform the identity and mission of our churches. Here are some ideas for greening your congregation. Worship. Make creation care an integral part of services—liturgies, hymns, confessions, prayers, sermons, blessings, green worship UnitedClintonBells2_000space. Adopt a four-week “Season of Creation in the church year. Celebrate Earth Sunday (11 Oct. 2010). Have a Blessing of the Animals. As worship restores an intimate connection with God and other humans, so worship should restore an intimate connection with the Earth.

As part of the International Day of Climate Action, October 24, 2009, we are inviting churches who have not already done so to ring your church bells 350 times. The World Council of Churches has endorsed the 350 rings campaign.
The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal , Conference Minister and President  Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ pulling the rope.

We are God’s sentinel’s ( Ezekiel 33:3).  Today I invite us to “blow the trumpet” – actually to ring Earth-20charter3your church bell:  Between now and December 15, 2008 , pick a date when you will ring your church bell 350 times.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations (but for Gaia/Lucifer – not for Christ)
What I’m asking you to do:  Many congregations already have active environmental committees. 10. I have begun to say to clergy every third or fourth sermon must in some way mention or focus on one or more of the very broad set of issues related to creation care and healing the planet.  

The pilgrimage for Gaia
North Humberland Today (Canada): Local bells are going to ring 350 times.  On the website, 4,396 events in 172 countries taking place Saturday were listed — about 150 in Canada.
Saturday 24 Oct. 2009 is being called a “day of action” for Copenhagen. A comment by environmentalist David Suzuki said the way to spur legislative change is to get 100,000 students on Parliament Hill. Climatology_deesCouncil of Canadians chapters, including the one in Northumberland, have organized buses to go to Ottawa for Fill the Hill.  

Now European churches are joining this New Age , this New World Order, Earth Charter, Luciferian unholy choir which has no room for Christ – but worship his creation instead – as mankind did inthe days of old.

DanChurchAid 05.10.2009: Back in the days, church bells served as alarm bells when the city or country was under attack. On the 13th of December 2009 at 3 pm, the bells will ring an alarm once again 350 times. The alarm rings out for the climate – for creation.

The relay chiming. The Churches switch over from hailing Christ to hailing Lucifer/Gaia
The Church of Svalbard will start a relay chiming from Svalbard southward through Norway and Sweden to Copenhagen as a reminder to the corrupt poli ticians and “climatologists” to save the planet from evil, i.e. Spitsbergen_churchthe imaginary global warming for the benefit of world communism.

Independent Cathlic News 4 Dec. 2009: At least 20 senior church leaders are joining The Wave tomorrow to call for an “ambitious, fair and effective deal in Copenhagen”. Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales will be there because the churches “recognise unequivocally that there is a moral imperative to tackle the causes of global warming”.  The 20 senior leaders of Christian Churches in the UK will attend an ecumenical service in London on 5 December. At least 3,000 Christians are expected to join them, carrying an array of colourful banners and dressed in blue. It is expected to be the UK’s biggest ever demonstration in support of action on climate change, ahead of  the crucial UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

Pave-benedict-satanstegnIndependent Catholic News: Last week the Holy See stated at the United Nations that an “ecological conversion” is necessary so that sustainable development ( a communist concept) can take place. The statement was delivered Wednesday afternoon by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations. Migliore represents the Pope  who wishes the Luciferian sustainable circus in Copenhagen success.

The New York Times 8 Febr. 2006:
Despite opposition from some of their colleagues, 86 evangelical Christian leaders have decided to back a major initiative to fight global warming.  Twenty-two of high profiled evangelical church leaders  signed a letter in January declaring, “Global warming is not a consensus issue.” 

It seems that all Churches are more or less infected by the New World Order climate ideology – the religion of Gaia. In that religion, man is taught to worship Creation personified as Mother Earth, Gaia, instead of the Creator of the Earth, to follow sustainability instead of the commandments of Christ. This is  a pagan pantheistic religion  excluding Jesus Christ as man´s saviour , because he will not give everybody eternal life, thus leaving everything unaltered for all eternity. Christ´s New World Order is not that of Rothschild´s – on the contrary. The Gaia-religion gives the power of resurrection to man – instead of Christ – thus breaking with the central point of the teachings of Christ. Also grotesque is the blessing of animals and a promise of their resurrectionChrist brought an offer, which presupposes  an accept or a refusal to follow him, ie. he demands reason.  But the Gaia churches now say: “This power of resurrection  Earth-charter-Gaia_by_liigaextends to all of Creation, and you have placed it in our hands”! Can they even think? The Gaia worshipers imagine themselves to be gods!Gaia

Lucifer, who is the mastermind behind the imagination of man becoming divine (Gen. 3:5), has moved many Churches of the world to join in with the Gaia worshiping – blindly believing what the fraudulent and alarmist CRU, NASA and IPCC are telling them. One cannot help pitying them: After preaching Christ for 2000 years the churches are now revealing themselves once again as the political instruments of the rulers of the world – turning against the commandments of Christ, giving their affection to materialism instead of spirit: worshiping Gaia in the service of the New World Order government´s Interfaith religion, a tool to cement the world state – avoiding the frays between religions. Good? At least a breach with Christ – once again. Behind it all is the United Religions Initiative – supported by Rockefeller´s Aspen Institute with the purpose of clearing the track for the world state of the New World Order. “Fascinated, the whole world followed after the beastThey worshiped the dragon because it gave its authority to the beast; they also worshiped the beast and said, “Who can compare with the beast or who can fight against it?” (Rev. 13:3–4).




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