The Time To Take A Stand Is Fading – What Will You Do?

by The Historian
Published: Nov. 26, 2009 – Open Your Eyes News

Over the next few weeks decisions will be made by a small group of elite people. Their actions will usher in a new dystopian world order where one of the very building blocks of life, carbon, is demonized, and in doing so will create a massive windfall for banking corporations, and to a lesser degree government coffers – all at your expense. This monumental event will be taking place at the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change. It is being chaired by Lykke Friis a member of the elite Trilateral Commission. She is replacing Connie Hedegaard (a Bilderberg Group member) who has been nominated for the post of the European Union’s first climate commissioner. They will be joined by politicians from around the world who will pledge to “fight climate change”. In the la la land of the modern mass media this is being presented as mankind’s last great hope to avert environmental catastrophe. The same media is now cranking up the fear factor with a torrent of ever more alarmist climate stories, and torrent that will reach a crescendo just as the summit starts. Just look in your newspaper today, or switch on the TV or radio news, and I guarantee that you will have at least one story, and probably multiple, about melting ice caps, drowning polar bears, hurricane prevalence or droughts.

However it is all a monumental lie. As events this week have shown with the leaking of the so called “climate-gate” e-mails, there are vested interests at work, and they have been working towards this for decades, manipulating data, manipulating opinion, and perverting science for their own ends. A lie that will affect every single human on this planet, including you. This will be the dawn of a new world order. But not a Utopian ecologically sound future, but a dark anti-human future run on behalf of a global elite and the mega-corporations. A future of clima-fascism. This is happening right here, right now. The Reichstag is on fire. The time to take a stand is rapidly fading.

What Copenhagen is, is primarily the ability for the banks to create a multi-trillion dollar a year industry of carbon trading literally out of thin air. It is no coincidence that the main recipients on the UK & US bailouts over the last years were the mega banks. It is no coincidence that Al Gore is set to become a billionaire through his Lehman Brothers funded carbon trading venture. It is no coincidence that every single member of Obama’s cabinet is from Wall Street, a very large proportion from the biggest bank of them all Goldman Sachs. It is no coincidence that the man tasked with dragging the Australian Opposition Liberal Party over the line with Australia’s anti-CO2 tax legislation, Malcolm Turnbull, is an ex-Goldman Sachs Partner. It is no coincidence that senior members of both main UK political parties holiday with the Rothschild’s each year George Osborne & Peter Mandleson). It is no wonder that every single leader of major Western countries is either a Bilderberg attendee, a member of the Trilateral Commission, or a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The fringe benefits of all anti-CO2 legislation for the elite will include: an ever more vociferous depopulation agenda; a continuing ignoring of the world’s real environmental problems so not to harm corporate interests; the ever deeper split between the 3 billion haves, and 3 billion have not’s; new anti-CO2 taxes all round which are less unpopular to introduce for politicians than the usual taxes; and proof once and for all that the proletariat will believe and buy anything if you scare the hell out of them and you control the information coming out of the system.

But don’t just accept my word for it, or even all the hundred’s of mainstream news articles linked here. Just look at the whole central tenets of the theory of anthropomorphic climate change, and how the system around you works, and make a Rational Questioning of Received Wisdom. Do you agree that:

  • CO2 makes up a total of 0.038% of the Earth’s atmosphere? (put another way that is just 38 centimetres in a kilometre)
  • The sun’s output varies constantly as it goes through long (thousands of years) and short (11 year) cycles?
  • The sun provides (on average) 1,367 watts per square metre of energy to the Earth’s atmosphere and is the source of all our energy and light?
  • The average human exhales 329kg of CO2 annually while breathing?
  • The Earth’s climate has been considerably hotter and considerably colder throughout the Earth’s (and mankind’s) history, and that likewise CO2 levels have been historically considerably higher and lower in the past?
  • The Earth’s climate has actually been cooling over the last decade per NASA’s own data.
  • The worldwide carbon trading market is predicted to worth in excess of two trillion US dollars annually to certain banks and corporations, and worth billions in tax revenues for Governments worldwide?
  • A corporations primary legal duty is to return profit to its shareholders, and not for the betterment of mankind? (this includes the banks)
  • The world’s media is funded, directly or indirectly (advertising), by banks, corporations or Governments?
  • The majority of scientific research in all fields is funded by Government grants or Corporate grants?
  • Excluding computer modelling of CO2 impact, mankind is definitely adversely affecting the earth’s closed eco-system through, amongst others, oceanic plastic pollution, deforestation, over-fishing, chemicals in the water table, smoke haze, and habitat destruction, and yet the actions being proposed will barely address any in even the smallest of ways?

If you have answered Yes to all, or the majority, of these, then you must rationally also question the received wisdom and motives of 99% of the “environmental” stories that the media & opinion formers put out on a daily basis. There can never be definitive right or wrong but on the balance of probabilities what does the rational You think is the most likely?

As I said before this is happening right here, right now. The Reichstag is on fire. The time to take a stand is rapidly fading. If you agree then take a stand and make a difference and forward this onto everyone in your address book. Our only to restore reason is to all take a stand. Are you with me?




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