Parainfluenza? 1918 Spanish Flu? A Virulent Mutation Of H1N1 Swine Flu? The Mystery Ukraine Plague Continues To Spread As Questions Grow

Published: Nov. 15, 2009 – The End of the World

What in the world is happening in Ukraine?  A mystery plague that is directly attacking the respiratory systems of its victims, filling the lungs with blood before ultimately disintegrating them is causing panic not only in Ukraine but across central Europe.  Some health experts in the region believe that parainfluenza is the cause of this outbreak.  Others believe that a virus similar to the 1918 Spanish flu is on the loose.  Still others fear that the H1N1 swine flu has mutated and become more virulent.  Whatever is causing the mystery plague in Ukraine, the reality is that unprecedented numbers of people are getting sick and being hospitalized.

These are the latest official numbers out of Ukraine: 1,347,538 have reported catching the illness, 73,373 have been hospitalized and 282 are dead.  However, there are unconfirmed reports that the number of dead is significantly higher than that.  Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is being extremely evasive about the situation in Ukraine.  Many observers are baffled as to why the WHO is continuing to refuse to release the sequences from the samples taken from patients in Ukraine well over a week ago.

At the same time, there has been a substantial spike in flu cases in other nearby European nations such as Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Bulgaria. Also, a very serious increase in flu cases is being reported in Norway, India and Canada.  The most frightening thing is that in many of those nations there are reports that the flu is disintegrating the lungs of patients just like it is doing in Ukraine.

So just what in the world is happening in Ukraine?

Well, some Ukrainian health officials are convinced that parainfluenza is involved.

Ukrainian Professor Viktor Bachinsky recently expressed his opinion on this matter this way…..

“The virus, which causes death, is very aggressive, it does not strike the trachea, but immediately gets into the lungs and causes heavy swelling and solid hemorrhage. Mixed types of parainfluenza and influenza A/N1N1 lead to this state. This is a very toxic strain, which has not yet answered to the treatment of the Ministry of Health.”

Wikipedia’s description of parainfluenza certainly does sound quite a bit like what is going on in Ukraine….. 

The incubation period of all four serotypes is 1 to 7 days. In immunosuppressed people, such as transplant patients, parainfluenza virus infections can cause severe pneumonia, which is often fatal.

So is a combination of parainfluenza and H1N1 swine flu causing this outbreak in Ukraine?  Or could it be something even worse?

Could 1918 Spanish flu be involved?

Recombinomics recently posted a translation of an official announcement by the Ukraine Ministry of Health that graphically described exactly what is happening to the victims of this flu in Ukraine.  Pay particular attention to how their lungs are being absolutely destroyed by this flu virus…..

The symptoms are observed at different stages of disease – a fever with a temperature over 38 C, cough, respiratory disorders. When cough was characterized by negligible allocation phlegm or dry unproductive cough with blotches of blood. All the patients come to hospital on average by 3-7 days of onset, were in serious condition. Period of time from onset to death averaged from 4 to 7 days. In all patients during a hospital for signs of respiratory insufficiency of various degrees, which quickly rose and manifested accelerated respiration rate, shortness of breath and effectiveness of independent breathing. X-ray studies were performed on 1-2 day hospitalization. Most patients experienced a double-headed particles of lower lung lesion, followed by a trend towards total destruction.

This sounds chillingly similar to how people died from the 1918 Spanish flu.  That flu pandemic claimed the lives of between 50 and 100 million people across the globe.  When you read the following description of the 1918 Spanish flu from Wikipedia, ask yourself if it does not sound incredibly similar to what they are experiencing over in Ukraine right now…..

“One of the most striking of the complications was hemorrhage from mucous membranes, especially from the nose, stomach, and intestine. Bleeding from the ears and petechial hemorrhages in the skin also occurred.”

In addition, check out how Wikipedia describes the horrific deaths that were caused by the 1918 Spanish flu…..

The majority of deaths were from bacterial pneumonia, a secondary infection caused by influenza, but the virus also killed people directly, causing massive hemorrhages and edema in the lung.

Meanwhile, the WHO continues to insist that the mystery plague in Ukraine is simply the regular H1N1 swine flu that is found everywhere else in the world and that there is not much to worry about.  But if there is nothing to worry about, then why will they not release the sequences from the samples taken from patients in Ukraine?

But now there are fears that this is not just Ukraine’s problem any longer.  Disturbing new reports about the flu are coming in from all over the globe…..

-35 patients with “swine flu-like symptoms” have died in the last 45 days at just one hospital in India, and not a single one of them tested positive for the H1N1 swine flu.

-The “flu” is spreading at an incredible pace in northern and central Europe.  It is being reported that almost 17 percent of the entire population of Norway has now contracted the flu.

A sudden spike in H1N1 deaths over the past week in Canada is raising concerns that something has changed.  Most notably, there has just been a massive surge of swine flu deaths in Ontario, Canada.  In fact, over the past few days 24 residents of Ontario died from the “flu” in just a 72 hour period.

-Russian Chief Public Health Official Gennady Onishchenko recently announced to the public that most areas of Russia are on the verge of a major flu epidemic.

-It is also being reported that there are nearly a quarter of a million people seriously ill with the flu in Belarus, and there are rumors that patients there are dying the same kind of brutal deaths that we are seeing in Ukraine.

-Serbia’s health ministry has now officially proclaimed an H1N1 swine flu epidemic in that country, as flu panic causes a surge of garlic sales at Belgrade’s produce markets.

-Also, a national swine flu pandemic has been declared by the Health Ministry in Bulgaria. Symptoms of the “flu” there include temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius, severe pain in the bones and muscles, coughing, and the quick development of pneumonia.

While world health authorities continue to be evasive on the cause of the mystery Ukraine plague, one major U.K. news source is calling the Ukraine flu a “plague worse than swine flu”.

That same U.K. news source quotes a spokesman for the World Health Organisation as saying this: “We do not have a time scale for the results of the tests in London, although some preliminary results have been obtained. I cannot tell you what they are”.

He cannot tell us what the results are?

People are dropping dead and he “cannot” tell us what the results are.

Something does not smell right, that is for sure.

Meanwhile, one doctor in Western Ukraine was quoted as saying the following about the mystery plague: “We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal.  They look like they have been burned. It’s terrifying.”

Lungs as black as charcoal?

Lungs that look like they have been burned?

Only a really serious virus can do that.

Perhaps the WHO does not want to “panic the public”, but the truth is that we deserve some answers.

Something is viciously attacking the lungs of people in Ukraine and turning them them “as black as charcoal”.  When a doctor is willing to say that the situation there is “terrifying”, we all need to sit up and take notice.

Up to this point, the WHO has been unbelievably negligent for not disclosing what they have discovered about the mystery plague in Ukraine, and the western media has been incredibly negligent for mostly ignoring this story.  Let us just hope that this is not the beginning of a real worldwide pandemic.




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