NEWS (Last Updated: Oct. 24, 2009)

Obama´s Wars (Last Updated: Sat. Oct. 24)

Danish troop falls in Afghanistan
Sat. Oct. 24 – A Danish trooper has reportedly died in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, after being fired at by unidentified attackers.

Eight years on, US still says Afghanistan ‘a test’
Sat. Oct. 24 – The United States says that the upcoming run-up to Afghanistan’s presidential election is a test for the almost 100,000-strong international forces in the war-torn country.

Ex-CIA agent confirms US ties with Jundullah
Sat. Oct. 24 – A former Central Intelligence Agency officer has confirmed US’ relations with the terrorist group Jundullah, despite the CIA knowing that the group has close links with the al-Qaeda.

Pakistan reports 155 killed in Waziristan offensive
Fri. Oct. 23 – The Pakistani army reports killing 155 pro-Taliban militants in the ongoing major offensive in South Waziristan that began Saturday.

Another British soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
Fri. Oct. 23 – Another British soldier dies in powerful roadside blast in southern Afghanistan, amid rising casualty count among the foreign forces occupying the country.

Violence kills 5 people in Iraq’s Mosul
Fri. Oct. 23 – At least five people have lost their lives and three others suffered injuries in the latest string of terrorist attacks targeting Iraqi people in the volatile northern city of Mosul.

In Pakistan, car bomb rocks Peshawar
Fri. Oct. 23 – A car bomb has exploded, in a latest incident of violence, in main Pakistani northwestern city of Peshawar, as a wave of militant attacks in the country kills hundreds in October.

US drone kills three people in Pakistan
Thu. Oct. 22 – At least three people have been killed as a result of a US drone firing two missiles at a house in the North Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Car bomb kills 4, wounds 9 in Iraq
Wed. Oct. 21 – At least four people, including two policemen, have been killed in a car bomb blast in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar.

Blast leaves US soldier dead in Afghanistan
Wed. Oct. 21 – Amid looming insurgency in Afghanistan, another American soldier has been killed in a roadside bomb attack in the volatile south, NATO says.

WFP shuts down food centers in Pakistan
Wed. Oct. 21 – Amid rising insurgency in Pakistan, the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) has shut down its distribution centers in the country’s north-west over security concerns.

18 killed in Waziristan as army foresees lengthy fight
Wed. Oct. 21 – At least 15 militants and three troops have been killed during battles in South Waziristan as the Pakistani military admits that its anti-militant sweep in the area has been tougher than expected.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Fri. Oct. 24)

Israel urges Ban to stop Goldstone report
Sat. Oct. 24 – The Israeli foreign minister has urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon against sending the Goldstone report on Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip to the Security Council or the General Assembly.

Israeli blockade denies Gazans basic needs: UNHRC
Fri. Oct. 23 – United Nations special rapporteur says Israel is blocking the basic necessities from entering the Gaza Strip, adding that the Palestinians are suffering amid Middle East tensions.

Israel to close down main Gaza fuel terminal
Fri. Oct. 23 – Tel Aviv is moving towards gradual closure of the fuel terminal at the Nahal Oz crossing along the border with the Gaza Strip which has long been under a tight Israeli siege.

Israel pounds more Gaza tunnels
Thu. Oct. 22 – Israeli warplanes have struck more Palestinian tunnels in the blockaded Gaza Strip, after a rocket was fired from the coastal enclave.

Israel backs ‘carte blanche’ to kill
Wed. Oct. 21 – The Israeli war minister advocates operational latitude for its army amid mounting condemnation of the Zionist regime’s massacre of the Palestinians.


More News (Last Updated: Sat. Oct. 24)

US pressures Iran into accepting IAEA deal
Sat. Oct. 24 – After Iran announced that it needs more time to consider an IAEA-brokered draft proposal on nuclear fuel supply, Washington says it “will not wait forever”.

Obama’s popularity drop, biggest in 50 years
Fri. Oct. 23 – Approval rating of Barack Obama has declined sharply since July, the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years, a new poll shows.

US, Poland renew contentious missile pact
Thu. Oct. 22 – The United States has encouraged Poland to accept a plan B missile defense shield program following the reversal of an earlier aerial security scheme.

Poverty in America revised to 1 of 6
Wed. Oct. 21 – One in six Americans live in poverty, a new report finds, leading to the implication that the US poverty level is even worse than first believed.

US, Israel to launch largest war game
Wed. Oct. 21 – Israel and the United States plan to begin their largest-ever joint war exercise on Wednesday to simulate possible missile attacks on Israel.

FBI arrests US scientist for spying for Israel
Wed. Oct. 21 – US officials say they have arrested an American citizen who has been charged with spying for the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

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