NEWS (Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2009)

Obama´s Wars (Last Updated: Mon. Oct. 19)

Bomb blasts kill 3 more US troops in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – Amid a rising number of causalities for US forces in Afghanistan, two separate bomb attacks have claimed the lives of three more American troops in the volatile country.

NATO says US soldier killed in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has declared that one US soldier has been killed in an attack in southern Afghanistan.

Pakistan says 60 militants killed in operation
Mon. Oct. 19 – The Pakistani army says at least 60 pro-Taliban militants in South Waziristan have been killed as a military offensive in the volatile region enters its second day.

Report: US upgrading military bases in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – While Washington is weighing its options on sending more troops to Afghanistan, the US army is spending billions of dollars on upgrading its bases in the war-torn country.

8 killed, 29 wounded in Baghdad bombings
Mon. Oct. 19 – At least eight people have been killed and 29 others wounded in two separate bombings in Baghdad’s mainly Sunni Adhamiya district, police say.

UK: Afghan war continues despite unpopularity
Mon. Oct. 19 – UK’s army chief says the Afghan mission will continue despite its unpopularity at home, following a dramatic rise in British troops’ death toll in recent months.

56 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan, Taliban claim
Fri. Oct. 16 – Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan say they have killed at least 56 NATO soldiers in separate incidents across the war-ravaged country over the past 24 hours.

In Pakistan, powerful blast rocks Peshawar
Fri. Oct. 16 – A bomb explodes near a police facility in Pakistan’s northwest city of Peshawar, a day after a spate of violent attacks across the country left at least 40 people dead.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Fri. Oct. 16)

Report: 355 Palestinians held without charge in Israeli prisons
Fri. Oct. 16 – Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies – There are currently 355 Palestinians including three women and a child in Israeli custody being held without charge, human rights groups said Wednesday.

Israel struggling to block Gaza report
Fri. Oct. 16 – The Israeli Prime Minister has demanded the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to drop support for a UN report which accuses Israel of war crimes during the 22-day onslaught on the Gaza Strip.


More News (Last Updated: Tue. Oct. 20)

Obama ‘controlled media during campaign’
Tue. Oct. 20 – President Barack Obama had absolute “control” over media coverage during his presidential campaign, according to the White House communications director.

Iran urges UNSC to strongly condemn deadly blast
Tue. Oct. 20 – After a bloody attack in a southeastern Iranian borderline region, the Islamic Republic calls on the UN Security Council and international bodies to strongly condemn the terrorist event.

EU home to 270,000 human-trafficking victims
Mon. Oct. 19 – The alarming rise in the number of human trafficking victims in the European Union has prompted the United Nations to issue a request for increased efforts in combating the illegal trade.

Bailed-out UK bank to hand out ‘£5m bonuses’
Mon. Oct. 19 – The state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which was bailed-out with billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money amid the global financial crisis, is likely to cause public anger by announcing a bid to hand out record bonuses.

Israel plans to devour the world: Hungarian MP
Mon. Oct. 19 – A Hungarian lawmaker has voiced worry over Israel’s expansionist policies, saying Israel is trying to take over the world.

Undeclared plutonium scandal haunts France
Fri. Oct. 16 – French authorities have discovered enough undeclared plutonium to make five nuclear bombs at a nuclear facility south of the country.

Iran proposes setting up ‘Asian Union’
Fri. Oct. 16 – The Iranian foreign minister has proposed setting up the ‘Asian Union’ to strengthen economic cooperation among Asian counties.

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    Muhamed talking from Gaza

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