Intimidation, Bribery, Lies, Concealment and Breaches of Constitutions for Irish Yes to Lisbon Treaty to Position EU´s War Chief

by Anders
Published: Oct. 07, 2009 –

Abstract: Immediately after the Irish “yes” to the Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders are bringing Rothschild´s favourite employee, Tony Blair, into position for the first permanent EU presidency. However this has evoked strong protests from the British tories who are threatening to hold a referendum to take British powers back from Brussels. But since they are also Rothschild-dependent this is probably insignificant.
The EU has conspired with the Irish government for the “Yes” – never respecting the “No” of 2008. Both these parties have transgressed Irish and EU law by interfering with the Irish referendum: Mr. Barroso bribed Irish workers to vote yes. Both sides told false horror tales about the coming poverty in already poor Ireland in case of a “No.”
The EU Commission paid with our money a 16-page biassed guide to the Treaty to be inserted in national Irish newspapers. The EU funded the advertisements of the Yes side. Illegal disinformation was given – in particular by the Irish Referendum Commission´s chairman, who under law is obligated to be neutral. He lied about the consequences of the Treaty and did not tell the Irish about the new Lisbon-EU citizenship and its duties. The government illegally used tax-payer money to distribute its pro-Lisbon propaganda by snail mail. The Referendum Commission told nothing about the necessary change of the Irish Constitution and its coming “commitment to the (Lisbon) European Union”. This is EU in a nutshell: Intimidation, bribery, lies, concealment, breach  of constitutions.

My open letter to Czech President Václav Klaus

The Observer 4 Oct. 2009: “Tony Blair will be rushed into the Job as the first permanent EU president.”
They are all ready to help Rothschild´s man and Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild´s favourite for the top post in the EU, now that the Irish capitulated to the lies of their and EU´s politicians about more poverty, should they once more dare reject the Lisbon Treaty. And his credentials are superb for that job: He Tony-Blair-pres.launched the Interfaith religious  mission Antichrist and was papaya baptized to the New Age religion. For safety´s sake he converted to Catholicism, so as to be a top expert in his real field: To melt all religions together in the Interfaith melting pot un behalf of his illuminist masters, their illuminist EU (explanatory statement) and their satanist UN. But they could be seriously mistaken!

Goodbye democracy – so you will be back, Mr. President, old war monger and war chief, Tony Blair – although many would like to see you before a war crimes tribunal. You have waged more wars of aggression than any other British Prime Minister! In fact you were so hawkish that Pres Clinton had to stop your warmonger rhetoric over Kosovo.The Times 3 Oct. 2009: William Hague warns European leaders today to expect a backlash if they make Tony Blair the first president of Europe.The Shadow Foreign Secretary told The Times: “There could be no worse way to sell the EU to the people of Britain.”He dangled the prospect of a referendum in Britain to take back powers from Brussels, even if a “yes” vote in the Irish Republic leads to the rapid ratification of the Lisbon treaty. He also indicated that the Conservatives would use a Blair presidency to mobilise opposition in such a vote on Britain’s relationship with Europe.


 EU Commission President Barroso bribes the Irish with our money
 Smart lbarrossoBreaking 19 Sept. 2009: Mr. Barroso offered 15 mio euro to the Limerick-workers, who had been given notice at Dell to find new jobs… if…

José Barroso. Would you buy a used car from him?

Unlawful behaviour by the EU Commission
The Daily Telegraph 29. Sept. 2009: The Daily Telegraph has learnt that the legal services of both the Commission and the Council of the EU, which represents governments, expressed reservations over the publication of the “citizens summary” of the Lisbon Treaty. An EU official said: “The lawyers asked if it was right for the commission to produce a summary of Lisbon, before it was ratified and when there was not one for the Constitution.

“The reluctance of some countries, particularly France and Netherlands where the Constitution was rejected, needed to be overcome too because of the similarities between the two texts.” The European Commission has been accused of “unlawful” interference in Ireland’s referendum after paying for a 16-page guide to the Lisbon Treaty to be inserted into national newspapers. Campaigners for a “No” vote have threatened a legal challenge after 1.1 million copies of the European Union booklet were distributed, at a cost to the taxpayer of £139,000.
The guide gives a summary of European Union’s achievements before outlining how the Lisbon Treaty would help improve life in Ireland further. It reads: “Today, members of the EU enjoy a wealth of benefits: a free market with a currency that makes trade easier and more efficient, the creation of millions of jobs, improved workers’ rights, free movement of people and a cleaner environment. “These are major goals. The Lisbon Treaty is designed to give the EU the tools to achieve them.”

Anthony CoughlanNational Platform/Wise up Journal 24 Sept. 2009  Anthony Coughlan’s Letter To Frank Clarke, Chairman of the Referendum Commission
“Dear Mr Justice Clarke

May I take the opportunity  of saying that the current Lisbon referendum, as I presume you have noted,  has been characterized by monstrous illegality on the part of several key parties, as follows:

1. The intervention of the European Commission, which is unlawful under European law, as the Commission has no function in relation to the ratification of new Treaties,  something that is exclusively a matter for the Member States under their own constitutional procedures;

2. The part-funding of the posters and press advertisements  of  most of Ireland’s Yes-side political parties by their sister parties in the European Parliament, even though it is illegal under Irish law to receive donations from sources outside the country in a referendum and when, under EU law, money provided by the European Parliament to cross-national political parties is supposed to be confined to informational-type  material and to avoid direct partisan advocacy. I read that the Green Party has refused such funding from its sister party in the European Parliament on the ground that it is advised that this is illegal under European law .

3. The Government’s unlawful use of public funds in circulating to voters a postcard with details of the so-called “assurances” from the European Council,  followed by a brochure some time later containing a tendentious summary of the provisions of the Lisbon Treatyboth steps being in breach of the Supreme Court’s 1995 judgement in McKenna that it is unconstitutional of the Government to use public money to seek to procure a particular result in a referendum;

4. The failure of your own Referendum Commission to carry out its statutory function under the 1998 and 2001 Referendum Acts of preparing for citizens a statement or statements “containing a general explanation of the subject matter of the proposal (viz. the proposal to amend the Constitution)  and of the text thereof in the relevant Bill”, namely the 28th Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2009.

May I make some points to you and your Referendum Commission colleagues regarding this.

Lissabon-europa i klemmeYour Guide on the Lisbon Treaty  which you have circulated to voters – makes no attempt to inform them about the proposed Constitutional Amendment, despite that being your prime statutory duty and that of your Referendum Commission colleagues under the Referendum Acts. The leaflet and other material which you have made available do not tell citizen-voters  that the new first sentence of the proposed Amendment we shall be voting on  provides that the State “affirms its commitment to the European Union” which would be established by the Lisbon Treaty – a sentence, incidentally,  that was not in the Constitutional Amendment in last year’s referendum – and  you give voters no idea that this is the case or what such a commitment might entail.

You do not inform voters that the second and third sentences of the proposed Amendment make clear that ratifying the Lisbon Treaty would abolish the European Community which Ireland joined in 1973 and  would establish in its place a new European Union on the basis of the Lisbon Treaty which would be constitutionally very different from the European Union that we are currently members of, or what that difference might be.

Nowhere in the Referendum Commission’s information material that you have sent to voters do you advert to the  fact that the Lisbon Treaty would confer on Irish citizens  an “additional” citizenship of the post-Lisbon European Union,  with associated citizens’ rights and duties vis-à-vis that Union, and what the implications of such a change might be.

One would think that there could be be few things more constitutionally important for citizens than being endowed with an additional citizenship. Yet you and your Commission say absolutely nothing about it in the “information” material you have circulated  – in violation of the provisions of the Act which gives you your authority. You say nothing  about how the rights and duties that we would have as real citizens of  the constitutionally  new European Union which the Lisbon Treaty would establish would relate to our rights and duties as Irish citizens in the event of any conflicts arising between the two; or how the “additional” citizenship that Lisbon would endow us with differs from our essentially notional and symbolical EU “citizenship” of today.

Lisbon-try-againIt is clear that such a dereliction of duty on your part and that of your fellow Commissioners amounts to constitutional delinquency of a high order, as well as being a gross misuse of the 4 million euros of public money that you have been entrusted with. It will be interesting to see how future historians assess your actions.

As for yourself personally, instead of doing the job which the Referendum Acts impose on you, you have arrogated to yourself the task of answering questions on the Lisbon Treaty on the radio and in the press,  in which you give your personal opinions and judgements, whereas all statements by the Commission should be collectively agreed by its members, as the Referendum Acts clearly envisage. In no way do the Referendum Acts authorise you to do the “solo runs” on radio and in the press that you have undertaken.  Your predecessor, retired Chief Justice TA Finlay, who was an exemplary chairman of the Referendum Commission between 1998 and 2002, would never have permitted this.

Some of the oral statements you have made, moreover, have been either false or misleading.  From several examples I could give, I quote two. A fortnight ago you accepted in response to a question on Morning Ireland  that the right of Member State governments to “propose” and decide their National Commissioner would be changed by the Lisbon Treaty  into a right to make “suggestions” only,  effectively for the incoming Commission President to decide –  that key person’s appointment being in the gift of the Big States.  You added the rider, however, that you did not think this change was of much consequence.  You must be aware from previous private correspondence that I had with the Referendum Commission on behalf of my colleagues in our EU Research and Information Centre that many people on the No-side consider this be a Lisbon Treaty amendment of considerable consequence.  One way or another, its consequences are clearly a matter of political judgement which it is not your job as Referendum Commission chairman to make.

Last Friday I heard you state on Morning Ireland  that the difference between the “additional” citizenship that we would have of  the post-Lisbon European Union and the notional or symbolical “complementary”  EU citizenship we are said to have today was “of no great consequence” either,  or words to that effect.  Yet the most cursory acquaintance with the constitutional changes which the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitutional Amendment to ratify it would bring about, shows that this is just not true.  Lisbon is the old Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, after all, which the French and Dutch rejected in 2005, even if it implements that Constitution for Europe indirectly rather than directly.”

Mr. Coughlan´s comments illustrate the ways of the EU to achieve its goals: Concealment, lying, breaches of constitutions – and bribery.
The Lisbon Treaty promotes the Euromediterranean political Union for the Mediterranean.


One may wonder. The Vatican has expressed its dissatisfaction with the failure of the EU, to make a note on the Christian heritage of Europe in the Treaty of Lisbon – as well as its dissatisfaction with the EU’s view that abortion is merely a medical issue as any other treatment! Nevertheless, the Vatican did not make use of its great influence on the Catholic Irish against the treaty – only indirectly and vaguely. However, since the Popes have joined the new World Order, and here, there may be no reason to wonder, after all.

Now after the Irish have been intimidated to vote for the disastrous, self-amending Lisbon Treaty and so de Tony-blair-kongefacto contributed to abolishing democracy in Europe we have but one hope: That Mr Václav Klaus and his 17 senators will be able to protract the signature of the Treaty till after the British elections. Unfortunately, even Pres. Klaus seems to be giving in after the Irish No.
The Tories – or at least Mr David Cameron – can certainly win if they promise the Brits a referendum even if the Irish voted yes opportunities and tr– according to this Independent-article: 97% of tories will not accept the contents of the Lisbon Treaty, 84% even wanting a Referendum – and many want to leave the EU. However, you cannot trust the tories, either.They are closely affiliated to Rothschild.

So, the Lisbon Treaty is not yet the constitution of the EU, and does not yet fulfill the desires of the EU illuminists (explanatory statement): To let the whole failed Muslim world into Europe through Turkey and the Euromediterranean Union for the Mediterranean, eg., the EU even being recruiting 56 mio. Africans + their families for EU før 2050  enlarge the EU to the end of the world, fight anybody unwilling to submit to their world governance (see videos on right margin of this blog), their dictatorship with death penalty and wag their tails in consensus to their masters: The money makers.




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