The Lisbon Treaty: Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy

by Anders
Published: Sep. 23, 2009 –

Summary: Ireland’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will probably determine the fate of Europe. After false scaremongering, the Irish seem to be afraid of their own courage and will probably vote for the treaty. If that happens, only one brave, decent, clear-sighted man could save us from a genuine New World Order dictatorship: Czech President Vaclav Klaus. In the dictatorship, the corrupt EU may change this constitution at will – without asking its citizens. The right of waging offensive war is enshrined, the treaty enables a common immigration policy from above and EU-enlargement, pedophilia is de facto legalized – and death penalty – including for disturbances and rebellion – is reintroduced. Countries’ constitutional courts are sidelined by a European Court, which according to Prof. Schachtschneider lacks legitimacy.
EUbusiness 8 Sept., 2009
 Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said here Monday his country, which next takes over the European Union presidency, has no back-up plan if Irish voters again reject the Lisbon Treaty. “We do not have a plan B, it would be bad to already speak of a plan B.” Mark “already.”



Ireland is going to decide the fate of Europe at its referndum on the Lisbon treaty on 2 Oct., 2009. The Lisbon Treaty is in the balance. A poll tells us the Irish are not going to save us this time while The Telegraph on 18 Sept. reports about so great worries with the commercial lobbyists in Brussels that they have now  collected 500.000 Euro for the Irish Yes-side! The Irish are supposed to do as with the Nice Treaty – being threatened and scared by their own courage. Mr. Sarkozy is threatening both the Irish and the Czechs to sign the Lisbon Treaty – or they will be sorry for it!!
The argument of the Yes side ist the only one they can produce for the Irish to vote yes – they tell us Irish economy will go down deeply in case of a “no”. But is that argument tenable?

Here is what the world´s leading financial newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, has to say about that:
The Wall Street Journal 16 Sept. 2009: The Irish finance minister desperately threatens the Irish heavy consequences like capital fleeing Ireland in case of a “no”. It should hardly need stating that Mr. Lenihan is peddling phantom terrors to scare the Irish people into voting Yes. But in a world made skittish by last year’s global credit panic, it’s just possible that someone might, at least in the absence of thought, take them seriously. Preying on those fears, in fact, seems to be the chief strategy of the Yes campaign.The truth about the Irish economy, however, is closer to the opposite of what Mr. Lenihan pretends. It is popular in Brussels to attribute Ireland’s remarkable decade-long growth spurt to EU largesse. The Irish themselves know better, or ought to. Ireland sucked on the teat of EU regional aid for two and a half decades without discernible effect. By the mid-1980s, it was still a poor country by European standards, but it was also facing a budgetary and debt crisis. It was only when it started on a campaign of supply-side tax cuts, slashing marginal rates along with capital gains and corporate income-tax rates that the economy took off. None of these accomplishments would be jeopardized by voting down the Lisbon Treaty. Ireland cannot and will not be kicked out of Euroland for voting down a treaty that, for all practical purposes, has already been rejected by the voters of France and the Netherlands, and would likely have met the same fate elsewhere if voters had been given a say. Brussels always treated Ireland’s fantastically successful tax policies with rank suspicion, accusing it throughout its boom years of “tax dumping” and “unfair tax competition.” There are plenty of governments on the Continent, not least France’s, that would love to rein in Ireland’s ability to attract investment through supply-side tax policy. Handing Brussels greater potential power to influence Irish tax policy would be tantamount to surrendering the keys to Irish prosperity to Brussels for all time. As for Irish interest rates, those are now set in Frankfurt, and Ireland has benefited from the arrangement. But no sane businessman is going to mistake a No vote on Lisbon with a decision to pull out of Europe or the euro. That kind of apocalyptic talk is symptomatic of the great plague of what passes for European politics: the strident declarations that you are either with us or against us. In Europe today , it sometimes seems Schachtschneiderthat no possibility of a loyal opposition is countenanced.But it is regrettable that they are, once more, being forced to vote again, as if their first answer has been disallowed.

It should never have come to this at all. When they do vote in two weeks, however, we hope that vote is an informed one, and not based on unfounded fear-mongering or dark threats.”

Here is what the specialist on the Lisbon Treaty, Prof Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider has to say on the implications of the Lisbon Treaty
“With the  Lisbon Treaty, the EU finally becomes a federal state. The duties and powers of the Union more than exceed those of the Federation to the federal states in Germany. They deny the federal state of the (European) Union, because according to  the Constitution and according to the constitutional laws of other Member States (the EU) is not allowed to be a Federation. Of course, this depends on the concept of the federal state. The (European) Union becomes a true federal state, because it is based on a contract. A federal state which –  like the (European) Union – commits itself to the tasks and powers of existential statehood,  must be democratically legitimized. This inherent legitimacy,  can be given only by a European Union people (which does not exist). The Union state no later than the Treaty of Lisbon also has far-reaching federal typical competence-competences at its disposal. It can not only expand its powers in the interest of achieving the target without the involvement of national parliaments ( Art. 352 TFEU) and is not only authorized to levy Union taxes (art. 311 TFEU), but has the insolence to usurpe for itself  the right of “simplified revision procedure” of Article 48 section 6 of the TEU,  to change the entire treaty in whole or in part (except the foreign and security policy) by decision of the European Council.The Lisbon Treaty puts the Member States of the Union under the obligation not only to arm (Art. 42 para 3 section. 2 TEU) but ascribes to itself  in Article 43, part 1 TEU a right to war,  to the jus ad bellum, in particular to combating terrorism around the world. This displaces the prohibition of  war of aggression under Article 26 paragraph 1 of the German Constitution. Accept of a “simplified revision procedure” is nothing but a simplified constitutonal dictatorship.”Professor Karl Albrecht has made it clear that death penalty is re-introduced with the Lisbon Treaty,  as I have previously described in detail:
“Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary: * (a) in defence of any person from unlawful violence;* (b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent escape of a person lawfully detained; * (c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.” He found the judicial basis for death penalty in the foot note of a foot note!! – which tells a lot about the deceitful nature of the EU.The Lisbon Treaty seems to prohibit discrimination of paedophilia, thus de facto legalizing it. See this video.

I have previously written about Mr. Barroso´s need for the Lisbon Treaty for the EU to be able to participate in all those exciting wars to be waged on behalf of the New World Order.

José Barroso 2. March 2009  The Lisbon Treaty is the treaty of enlargement. It …make further enlargements possible.

Mr Castaños (EESC)  emphasized that the Lisbon Treaty is a fundamental step towards a common policy on immigration.

Vote-no-to-lisbonDer SpiegelIn the future the legislature will put the Constitutional Court under the obligation first to submit European proceedings concerning European issues to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg. This is estimated by 30 lawyers, especially senior academics and judges. The background to the memorandum written by them is the verdict of the Constitutional Court on the EU Treaty of Lisbon. Referring to it, the signatories infer that the Constitutional Court is already headed in the near future “towards a conflict with the EU Court of Justice. The consequences of such a confrontation would be extremely fatal from the perspective of the lawyers´ group,  because the EU Commission would in that case have to initiate an infringement procedure in this case – and then the expected ruling of the ECJ would be be connected “with far-reaching financial sanctions.” Germany would pay the payments, even “permanently” because the legislature can not change the decision of the Constitutional Court “nay”. The threatening judicial conflict could therefore only be defused by the Constitutional Court being legally obliged to submit the proceedings to  the ECJ before its own decision. The memorandum was signed among others by the two trustees of the German Bundestag in the Lisbon process, the law professors Ingolf Pernice and Franz Mayer.

Coirposter1-199x300Theory: The Constitutional Court claims the contract competence and the “supreme integration responsibility” for themselves – and considers itself hierarchically above the ECJ.
Reality: This directly contradicts the Lisbon Treaty, which may not be passed at once. No chance for the theory to be realized, because immediately 26 other countries would claim the same status, and the Lisbon Treaty would be de facto dead. The Constitutional Court doesn´t even have a proviso of international law for its interpretation of the Lisbon Treaty! The EU and the ECJ, therefore, remain free to impose their interpretation. The German Constitutional Court has never revoked a ruling of the ECJ (ever tried it yet). And the Court has never rejected an EU directive, thus repealing it.

The lack of legitimacy to the present existence of the ECJ is not even (although explicit content Schachtschneider-application) addressed in the Constitutonal Court verdict. Constitutional Court decisions had always taken precedence over national law  in the past decades.

10. Aug. 2009 Goldseiten: Senior lawyers have called for Federal Constitutional Limitations. “In the future, the legislature has to put the the Constitutional Court under the obligation …” Now, how was that in the constitutional law? “The Legislature is controlled by the judiciary”. Something like this can be read in the old text-books since the Enlightenment. And above all, Germany´s errand boy lawyers have called for exactly the opposite thing, and thus the abolition of the old, proven Montesquieu basis of law!? Where is the outcry of the not yet corrupt lawyers?

The Lisbon Treaty – what is its present status? 
EU Observer 20 July 2009: A group of centre-right Czech senators has attacked a national law linked with the EU’s Lisbon Treaty and plans to ask the country’s constitutional court to suspend ratification until the legislation is changed. the critics from the senate, the Czech upper parliamentary chamber, claim such a transfer of powers to Brussels should always be approved by no less than a constitutional majority, which is 60 percent of the lower house deputies and senators, while the law on Coir_posterfreedomthe special EU mandate only requires a simple majority voting.Senator Jiri Oberfalzer also requires that the court’s own influence be boosted by entitling it to control whether individual steps taken by EU institutions are in line with the Czech constitution.While the senators argue the ratification of the Lisbon treaty should be suspended until the proposed changes are adopted, they are also preparing a fresh complaint against the new treaty of the 27-strong bloc, set to be voted on in Ireland’s referendum on 2 October. President Vaclav Klaus has made it clear he is in no rush to sign the document, both waiting for the initiatives by the ODS senators and for the result of the Irish poll.

The Telegraph 26 July, 2009 Supported by 17 Czech senators, Mr Klaus, a critic of the treaty, plans to refer the document to his country’s constitutional court at the start of August. In seeking a ruling on whether the treaty complies with the Czech constitution, Mr Klaus would be able to delay signing the treaty into Czech law until the court had given its verdict.
That could thwart the ambitions of Sweden, current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, to see the Treaty’s provisions pushed through before the end of the year if Ireland votes to approve the treaty in its Oct 2 referendum. Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish prime minister, said recently he wanted to see the EU “move over to the Lisbon Treaty, if possible, late in our presidency”. He wants an EU heads of state summit in Brussels on 29-30 October to nominate candidates for two influential posts which will be created if, and when, the treaty is ratified. The posts are President of the European Council, for which Tony Blair is expected to be the UK government’s candidate, and a new High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy.EurActiv 16 Sept. 2009   The conservative group (of MEPs) hopes that Czech President Václav Klaus and his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski won’t sign their Lisbon Treaty ratifications, preventing the EU’s reform treaty from entering into force until the UK Tories have come into power next spring, Geoffrey van Orden, a leading conservative MEP, told EurActiv in an interview. And if there is a general election, the probability is that the Conservative party would win that election, and that it would give the British people a referendum [on the Lisbon Coir_postermonkeyTreaty]. And I have no doubt what the answer of the British people on the Lisbon Treaty will be. As by the way, it would be the same answer within most European countries, if the citizens had been given the opportunity to express themselves. I would say, there is no wonder people are increasingly disillusioned with politics in all of our countries, if they see politicians taking the decisions they don’t want them to take. That’s my first comment. Secondly, yes, all of these leaders have been under enormous pressure, and that pressure is likely to continue.


EU Observer 9. Sept., 2009: Germany’s lower house on Tuesday (5 September) passed legislation allowing the final ratification of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, pushing the focus once more back to Ireland and its referendum. The Bundesrat passed the legislation on 18 Sept., 2009
Deutsche Welle 18 Sept., 2009   Germany’s 16 federal states on Friday voted unanimously to adopt amendments to domestic law that make the EU reform treaty more compatible with German law. The Bundestag lower house of parliament had passed the laws earlier this month.

Blogactiv 1 Sept. 2009 by Irishman Jim Murray: In the referendum last year a group called COIR played a significant part and have now launched their campaign for a No vote in the coming referendum. According to their website COIR stands for Life Faith and Freedom among other things. Their reasons for opposing the Treaty include the claims that it will:* Bring abortion to Ireland through a future decision of the Court of Justice to the effect that abortion is a right under the Charter of Fundamental Human Rights. * Be used to reduce the Irish minimum wage to perhaps as low as 1.84 euro an hour, through the Posted Workers Directive – 1.84 euro being allegedly the average minimum wage among a number of accession member states.* Allow the EU to change our current low corporate taxes * Limit Ireland’s right to seek Foreign Direct Investment. It had an effect last time and will have again if not counteracted effectively.

Coir seem to be relatively well financed and plan a poster campaign around the country.  One of their posters quotes Commissioner McCreevy – it is a misquote but not very different from what he Coir-poster-vote-weightactually said. See below.

We see that the German Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the German Constitutional Court are obsessed to surrender all their power to the EU, thereby in fact eliminating their own authority and raison d´etre. We see that judicial interpretation is entirely left to an illegal institution, the EU Court of Justice. Call it what you like, just not democracy.
Now to Ireland: As for the economic doomsday prophecy in case of a “No”: It is not true – according to the world´s leading economy-newspaper, the Wall Street Journal. The European Journal brings 100 reasons to say “no” to the Lisbon Treaty. For the EU is Corruption, and here, and here.
Now the EU seems to even make criticism of paedophilia criminal. Forgotten is Marc Dutroux and other child molesters. This far down the road of depravation and evil has the EU gone in order to please its ever increasing Muslim population component, which allows sexual intercourse with 9 year-old-girls. I think a culture which has abolished the protection of its children deserves to perish.

But this corrupt EU now just needs the Lisbon Treaty to bring about its destruction of the last remnant of decency. Therefore, Mr. Barroso now offers 15 mio euro to the Irish city of Limerick… if…Our only hope to avoid the the disastrous Lisbon Treaty lies with one single man, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the only decent and honest politician left in the EU. Will that man be strong enough to resist the tremendous pressure and attacks on him and his country? But even if he can postpone the ratification until the Tories are back in power in the UK – it probably will not be enough. There are narrow ties between the tories and Rothschild. The New World Order is going to have its dictatorial way in the end with – or without an Irish “no – and we deserve it for not reacting in due time against the traitors – just said: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”




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