“Stop the 9-11 cover-up”

Published: Sep. 11, 2009 – Russia Today

The push for another investigation into the 9/11 attacks grows larger with each passing year, particularly today when the US is commemorating the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which claimed almost three thousand lives.

Manuel Badillo’s uncle died when the Twin Towers came down. He believes the US leaders had prior knowledge of the impending attacks but consciously failed to act.

He asks, “Why was there no justice yet? Why is there no accountability?”

Badillo is among roughly 80,000 New Yorkers petitioning for a new, impartial, probe to answer the questions many believe state and federal officials are failing to address.

Manuel Badillo says, “The majority of family members do not believe the story. First responders do not believe what they were told by the government. All of this turned out to be lies, what we have been told. 60% of the commissioners do not believe the story they received.”

Critics say the 9/11 Commission Report, presented as the official version of events, failed to hold a single individual accountable for the numerous warnings leading up to, on and after September 11.

The NYC Coalition of Accountability Now (CAN) is an organization that is focused on getting a referendum during this November’s mayoral election, to allow New Yorkers the chance to vote for a new 9/11 investigation.

“It’s absolutely essential for the world, for the well-being of the world, that we understand why 9/11 occurred; who was behind it,” says Ted Walter, executive director of CAN. “Because if we have a false understanding, we’re going to be basing policies on that false understanding.”

Pressure’s even coming from the west coast – Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has written a 15-page public letter to the president calling for another 9/11 inquiry.

But a move like Sheen’s can be quite a gamble in the domain of American public opinion. Just ask Van Jones, Obama’s former ‘green jobs tsar’. He stepped down because of hysteria over his support for and association with 9/11 truth-finders.

“Van Jones should have stuck to his feelings and to his democratic actions that he took, and his intuition, because the majority of Americans, the majority of New Yorkers, all the polls show it, know the government did not tell us the entire story about 9/11,” says Manuel Badillo.

Eight years ago all New Yorkers were standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the day nearly three thousand people perished from attacks. Now the citizens are standing on one side, police officers on the other, and many are asking for accountability, a demand from which these Americans refuse to back off.

Source: http://www.russiatoday.com/Top_News/2009-09-11/9-11-protesters-nyc.html



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4 Comments on ““Stop the 9-11 cover-up””

  1. […] “Stop the 9-11 cover-up” […]

  2. SortingHat says:

    Not sure if the right people will see this but in the crap shoot they do I want to point out that 9/11 is actually NOT a hijacking but more of an airplane theft.

    You see a *hijacking* is where the pilot is kept alive and you tell the pilot to fly you somewhere usually to get away from the law or free prisoners in a break out.

    9/11 the pilots were killed in which the *Muslims* had FULL Control over the airline so that is actually murder and Grand Theft due to the value of the airplane even if nothing else came of it.

    This would be the first time technically that commercial aircraft were stolen right from under our noses and they got to fly for a long period of time unmolested the only time in history where our US Air Defense failed at their jobs.

    Most likely arguing about pay raises or some stupid crap.

  3. SortingHat says:

    Funny thing about 9/11 was the Muslims were not trying to escape the law unless slamming into a building is a way to do it so they never get held in trial.

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