NEWS (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Palestinian dies of Israeli bullet wounds
Mon. Sep. 14 – Palestinians hold Israel responsible for the death of a 25-year-old Hebron (al-Khalil) resident injured by Israeli bullets last month.

‘Israel plans to grab more Arab land’
Sun. Sep. 13 – Palestinian sources say Israel is working on a new settlement plan that is equal to the grab of nearly 140-thousand acres of Arab land near Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Israeli gunman opens fire on Palestinians
Sat. Sep. 12 – An Israeli gunman has shot and wounded two Palestinians in East Jerusalem, where Tel Aviv continues to expand its settlement activity despite international opposition.

Chavez accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza
Thu. Sep. 10 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has described Israel’s deadly offensive on the Gaza Strip as an attempt to exterminate the Palestinians.

Israeli court orders demolition of Palestinian homes
Thu. Sep. 10 – Israel’s High Court has ordered the demolition of what it terms as “illegal constructions” built by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Shocking figures from Gaza war
Wed. Sep. 09 – A human rights group says the deadly Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip killed at least 773 Palestinians who had not taken part in any military activities.

Israel steps up harassment of defiant village
Wed. Sep. 09 – Over the past three months, Israeli forces have increased nocturnal raids on Palestinian towns, breaking into civilian houses and kidnapping non-combatants.

Israel pushes ahead with Jerusalem settlements
Wed. Sep. 09 – Israel pushes ahead with plans to build hundreds of homes in East Jerusalem, despite warnings that the move could threaten stalled peace talks with Palestinians.

UN: Gaza Offensive May Cost Palestinians 4 Billion Dlrs
Tue. Sep. 08 – The Israeli occupation military offensive in the Gaza Strip in December and January caused four billion dollars of losses to the Palestinian economy, a UN think tank said Tuesday.

UN blames Israel for blocking food aid to Gaza
Tue. Sep. 08 – As Israel claims its imposed siege on Gaza is for security reasons, basic foodstuffs are being blocked from reaching the impoverished strip.

Israel’s new settlement ‘brushes out peace’
Tue. Sep. 08 – The Israeli government faces condemnations over its decision to erect hundreds of housing units in the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel defies world, pledges to build more
Mon. Sep. 07 – Despite increasing international concerns over Israeli settlement activities Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will authorize construction of ‘hundreds of new homes’ in the West Bank.

Israel enters Gaza, kidnaps shepherds
Mon. Sep. 07 – At least four Bedouin Shepherds have been arrested after a special Israeli army unit stormed a village in the northern Gaza Strip.

EU: Illegal Israeli settlements must stop
Sun. Sep. 06 – The European Union has called on Israel to scrap plans to build new settlements in the West Bank, saying the settlements are ‘illegal’.

Israeli soldiers kill Gazan teenager
Sun. Sep. 06 – A Palestinian teenager has succumbed to death because of grave injuries he suffered after Israeli soldiers opened fire at him in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.


Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

US seeks to fragment Iran and pakistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – A former Pakistani intelligence chief asserts that the ultimate goal of the United States in Pakistan is cutting out a ‘favorable state’ out of parts of Iran and Pakistan to run its regional operations.

September 4 NATO strike killed 69 Taliban, 30 civilians
Mon. Sep. 14 – An Afghan government-appointed commission finds that at least 30 civilians were killed in the US-led air strike on September 4 in an area of northern Afghanistan.

US drone attack kills 5 in Pakistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – A US drone has fired missiles in the tribal belt of troubled northwest Pakistan, killing at least five people and injuring several others, officials say.

Blast kills 4 in Pakistan’s Baluchistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – At least four people have been killed in a landmine explosion in southwestern Pakistan, as violence continues to take its toll in the conflict-riddled country.

Gunmen kill policeman’s sleeping family in Iraq
Sun. Sep. 13 – BAGHDAD – Gunmen broke into the home of a Kurdish policeman in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk while he was away early Sunday, killing his wife and three children as they slept, authorities said.

2 killed in attack on Pakistani troops
Sun. Sep. 13 – ISLAMABAD – A bomb blast killed two paramilitary troops Sunday in Pakistan’s Khyber region, where security forces are pressing ahead with an offensive to secure a major supply route for foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan claims two more US soldiers
Sun. Sep. 13 – A roadside bomb has killed at least two US soldiers in troubled eastern Afghanistan, where insurgency has skyrocketed over the past months.

Violence in Afghanistan claims 50 lives
Sun. Sep. 13 – At least fifty people, including 32 civilians, have been killed in a string of attacks across Afghanistan in the past two days.

Taliban kill 7 Afghan policeman, including chief
Sat. Sep. 12 – Seven Afghan policemen including a police chief have been killed after gunmen attacked their checkpoint in Imam Sahib district in Northern Konduz province.

Giant US military base in Iraq under attack
Sat. Sep. 12 – A giant US military base has come under mortar attack as the war-ravaged country is being rocked by a string of deadly bombings.

ICC to probe war crimes in Afghanistan
Fri. Sep. 11 – Media reports said the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — which includes US and other western troops — could potentially become the target of an ICC prosecution.

Twin blasts kill 4, injure 30 south of Baghdad
Fri. Sep. 11 – At least four people have lost their lives and 30 have sustained injuries after two consecutive bomb explosions ripped through a popular market south of Baghdad.

Car bomb explosion kills 8 in Iraq’s Kirkuk
Thu. Sep. 10 – A powerful car bomb explosion in the restive Iraqi oil-rich city of Kirkuk has claimed eight lives Wednesday, police say.

Gates: US won’t abandon Afghanistan, Pakistan
Thu. Sep. 10 – The US defense secretary states plans for a long-term stay in Afghanistan, claiming US has learned a lesson from the past and will not abandon the country again.

Attack on NATO base kills two people
Thu. Sep. 10 – A bomb attack in a NATO base in Afghanistan has reportedly killed at least two civilians and injured several foreign troops and local residents.

Truck bombing kills 17 in Mosul
Thu. Sep 10 – A deadly truck bomb explosion in a Kurdish village near Iraq’s northern city of Mosul has left more than 17 people dead and at least 25 more wounded.

US suffers 4 more casualties in Afghanistan
Wed. Sep. 09 – With insurgency on its peak in Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents kill four American soldiers and 10 Afghan troops in the troubled east.

Canada loses 2 soldiers in Afghanistan
Tue. Sep. 08 – Two Canadian soldiers serving under ISAF command in Afghanistan have been killed in the southern part of the country, a Canadian official has confirmed.

US troops ‘raid’ Swedish charity hospital
Tue. Sep. 08 – A Swedish aid agency has accused American troops of storming through one of its hospitals in Afghanistan, breaking down doors and tying up staff, searching for wounded ‘Taliban fighters.’

Bomb blast leaves 5 dead in volatile Baquba
Tue. Sep. 08 – At least five people have been killed and 20 others injured in a suicide bomb explosion in the city of Baquba, the capital of Iraq’s restive Diyala province.

US drone kills seven in NW Pakistan
Tue. Sep. 08 – A US drone has fired missiles on two houses in the tribal area of North Waziristan in Pakistan, killing seven people and injures five others.

Baghdad rocked by bombings, attacks
Tue. Sep. 08 – At least one civilian has been killed and fifteen others injured in a recent spate of lethal attacks in the disrupted Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Explosion hits Kabul’s international airport
Tue. Sep. 08 – A strong explosion has been reported at Kabul’s international airport, killing two Afghan civilians and injuring four foreign soldiers including three Americans.

Renewing Blackwater contract illegal – IAF legislator
Mon. Sep. 07 – BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A lawmaker from the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front (IAF) said renewing the contract of the private U.S. security firm Blackwater, which killed several Iraqis in al-Nusoor incident in 2007, would be running counter to the law.

Gunmen kill 5 in Iraq’s Mosul
Mon. Sep. 07 – Five Iraqis, including a two-year-old child and her grandmother, have been killed in a series of shootings in the restive northern city of Mosul.

Taliban attack claims another US troop
Mon. Sep. 07 – Another US soldier has been killed in a roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan, bringing to 184 the number of US troop fatalities in 2009.

Fatal rocket attack kills 3 in Kabul
Mon. Sep. 07 – A rocket attack in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has claimed three more civilian lives, as violence continues to take its toll in the strife-ridden country.

Car bomb kills 7, wound 16 in Iraq
Mon. Sep. 07 – A car bomb explosion in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi has left at least 7 dead and 16 others wounded, police have reported.

‘US building mini-Pentagon in Islamabad’
Su. Sep. 06 – Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam blames the US for problems facing the country, saying Washington is trying to change Islamabad into its military base.

More dead in renewed Iraq violence
Sun. Sep. 06 – A series of bomb attacks across strife-plagued Iraq have reportedly taken the lives of many civilians and inflicted injuries upon several more.

Poland suffers another casualty in Afghanistan
Sun. Sep. 06 – Amid insurgency on its peak in Afghanistan, one polish soldier has been killed and five others injured after a bomb exploded near their military convoy in the east of the country.


More News (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Morales: US planning coups in L America
Mon. Sep. 14 – The Bolivian president has accused the United States of planning coups in Latin America after Washington reached an agreement with Colombia over military bases.

Survivor: On 9/11, blast hit WTC before plane
Sat Sep. 12 – One of the 9/11 survivors claims that a huge interior explosion preceded the plane crash into one of the buildings hit during the catastrophic attacks.

On 9/11, Putin warns against Iran war
Sat. Sep. 12 – On the eighth anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks that ignited a war on Iran’s neighbor, Afghanistan, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says an attack on Iran would be “dangerous” and “unacceptable.”

US lawmakers to vote on cutting gasoline delivery to Iran
Fri. Sep. 11 – The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs is likely to vote next month on imposing sanctions on Iran’s gasoline imports, according to the committee chairman.

In US, nearly 40 million people in poverty
Fri. Sep. 11 – Nearly 40 million people in the US have lived below the bread line last year as the recession snuffed out jobs and dragged down incomes.

Israel: Deployment site for US missile shield?
Thu. Sep. 10 – The United States may pick Israel over Eastern Europe as the deployment location for the partial installation of its controversial global missile defense shield.

US leads world in weapons sales
Tue. Sep. 08 – The United States snatched the lion share of the global arms sales in 2008 which amounted to more than two-thirds of all foreign armaments deals, a government report says.

UN: Over 1.5 million displaced in Somalia
Tue. Sep. 08 – Over 250,000 people have fled violence in Mogadishu since May, bringing the total number of displaced within Somalia to over 1.5 million, the UN says.

New deals cement Iran-Venezuela alliance
Mon. Sep. 07 – Iran and Venezuela sign three cooperation agreements in the fields of medicine, oil and trade at the end of President Hugo Chavez’s two-day visit to Tehran.

Iran, Venezuela vow to form anti-imperialism front
Sun. Sep. 06 – As relations between Iran and Venezuela continue to blossom, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran and Caracas are determined to form a united front against imperialism.

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