Codex Alimentarius: Man to Live By Rockefeller´s Infested GM Bread and Milk Alone

by Anders
Published: Sep. 10, 2009 –

Summary: On 1 January 2010,  the New World Order (NWO) brings about a fresh  push for  genetically modified (GM) food, which seems to be fatal – from the few available animal studies. Their testing guidelines for GM food prove useless. The mighty NWO-backers have, unfortunately, banned all research into their GM products – also in terms of GM side effects, but GM food probably already has affected Americans, because gene labeling there was abolished a long time ago – as it will be in the EU from 1 Jan. 2010. Behind the GM dictatorship is the U.S. government – and the EU’s resistance is crumbling. The Rockefeller-Monsanto is pushing the whole world over – although The American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls on everyone to avoid GM products. They do this because of the “Codex Alimentarius“, which was made by Rockefeller´s WHO and FAO with the Rothschild´s and Rockefeller´s WTO to enforce it. Rockefeller´s food will be costly, harmful to our health – and with his monopoly on world food production – the end of our freedoms: Rockefeller determines who is allowed to be fed – and who is not.

I have previously mentioned the means of pressure used by the communists of the New World Order to subdue us: War on terrorism,  Pandemics (BSE, SARS, avian flu, swine flu etc),  Financial crisis , and Threatened Biodiversity, Immigration and here – but their trump card is the “climate change” scam.
However, these criminals have still more to pester us with: They are infesting our food with gene modified organisms- GMO!

Codex Alimentarius is a dictate by the WHO and the FAO about the composition of foods to be sold in all WTO countries – to enter into force on 1 Jan. 2010..
Codex_alimentariusThe Codex Alimentarius website The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers.

The following is a continuation of my article from 8 Sept.

Wikipedia  The controversy over the Codex Alimentarius relates to a perception that it is a mandatory standard for food – including vitamin and mineral supplement – safety. The Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference standard for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection. Many claim that it is unduly influenced by pharmaceutical companies

SeedvaultAn alarming feature about this is that in parts of the world GM foods are being secretly smuggled into markets – in Israel, e.g.
The Codex Alimentarius will enter into force on Jan. 1, 2010. It opens up for undeclared sale of GMO -modified foods from e.g. Rockefeller´s Monsanto, Syngenta etc.

Right: Doomsday-seedbank on Spitsbergen financed by Bill Gates (Microsoft) along with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Monsanto Corporation, the Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway, among others, is to save pure plant seeds of the elite m from their own GM and additional contaminations.

The general dangers of GMO can be seen here.

GMO Compass 05 August 2009180,000 tonnes of soy meal from the USA were rejected by the EU mid-July because traces of MON88017 maize, which is not authorised in the EU, were found.
The EU Commission prepared a proposal for granting authorisation, but this did not receive the required qualified majority of Member States
. EUObserver 3 Sept. 2009: In his election programme, the President of the EU Commission, José Barroso forwards a pledge to let member states alone choose whether to cultivate GM crops. This would mean free sale of GMO food everywhere in the EU. Rockefeller is strong!

 Gmo-antitreklameJeffrey Smith “Genetic Roulette”  Institute for Responsible Technology 2008: Released in May 1992 and still in force, FDA policy led by Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, states, “The agency is not aware of any information showing that foods derived by these new methods differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way.”  On the basis of this sentence, the FDA claimed that no safety studies are necessary; biotech companies thus determine on their own if their products are harmless.It turns out that sentence was a lie. In fact, there was the overwhelming consensus among “the technical experts in the agency.” They had repeatedly warned their superiors that GM foods might create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects including allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. The scientists’ concerns were kept secret in 1992, but seven years later the deception came to light. But it was too late.

GM crops were widespread and Michael Taylor had been duly rewarded after leaving the FDA by becoming a Monsanto vice president. There has been almost no long-term animal feeding studies, no human clinical trials. But even among the few serious safety studies that have been conducted, and the reports from farmers around the world, evidence has emerged showing GM products to have been linked with thousands of toxic and allergic reactions, thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock.
Physicians who have studied the subject are convinced that the dangers are real and are prescribing non-GMO diets to their patients.

Here is a survey by Jeffrey Smith of the “Genetic Roulette” of documented diseases associated with GMO: Practically ever organ in mice was sick.    Monsanto-plakat

Jeffrey Smith, Two government studies from Austria and Italy published just last month, demonstrate that the concerns by FDA scientists should have been heeded.
At the highest level, the responsibility for this disregard of science and consumer safety lies with the first Bush White House, who had ordered the FDA to promote the biotechnology industry and get GM foods on the market quickly. To accomplish this White House directive, the FDA created a position for Michael Taylor. As the FDA’s new Deputy Commissioner of Policy, he oversaw the creation of GMO policy.Taylor was also in charge when the FDA approved Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH or rbST). Dairy products from treated cows contain more pus, more antibiotics, more growth hormone, and more IGF-1–a powerful hormone linked to cancer. The  growth hormone is banned in most industrialized nations, including Canada, the EU, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. But under Michael Taylor, it was approved in the US, without labeling. Consumers turned their backs on rbGH milk. Dairy products were labeled rbGH-free. Monsanto tried desperately but in vain to have these labels removed.
Now Michael Taylor has been appointed Obama´s senior adviser to The Commissioner of US food security!!!
Codex alimentarius 3
NewsWithViews 30 May, 2009:  On May 19th, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on “Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM foods when possible. They conclude, “There is a causation between GM foods and adverse health effects.” GM-fed babies were smaller, and later had problems getting pregnant.


When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles actually changed color—from the normal pink to dark blue. Mice fed GM soy had altered young sperm. Even the embryos of GM fed parent mice had significant changes in their DNA. Mice fed GM corn in an Austrian government study had fewer babies, which were also smaller than normal.

Reproductive problems also plague livestock. India revealed that most buffalo that ate GM cotton seed had complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, infertility, and prolapsed uteruses. Many calves died. In the US, about two dozen farmers reported thousands of pigs became sterile after consuming certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies; others gave birth to bags of water. Cows and bulls also became infertile when fed the same corn.

In the US population, the incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating.

AAEM states, “Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation,” including increase in cytokines, which are “associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation”—all on the rise in the US. Even Monsanto’s own research showed significant immune system changes in rats fed Bt corn.
Long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.This is the Codex Alimentarius  Guidelines for testing GM food safety
Unintended effects may occur in conferring or rearranging a microorganism through intentional modification of DNA sequences or they may arise through recombination or other natural events in the recombinant DNA of the microorganism. The insertion of DNA from heterologous sources into a gene may also result in the synthesis of a chimeric protein.

Human tests on the tolerance of GM food are mentioned only for exceptional cases – and OECD rules are then referred to, which were removed from the internet in 2002! They consider animal tests to be useless! In stead, the Codex Alimentarius  makes a lot of laboratory tests and compare the genetic and protein profiles with those of their traditional counterparts. If they find no large variation they say “All right. This GM product seems to be harmless. We start a mass experiment. Should the product – years later – turn out to have a dangerous impact on the populations, then – if a connection is proven, which always is a long-lasting matter – we will forbid the GM food product!” This in spite of French animal experiments showing that Monsanto´s GM maize killed all rats involved! The guidelines cannot measure every known and unknown parameter necessary. Only biological tests wil do – and they are deliberately avoided.

After 1 Jan. 2010 the Codex Alimentarius without labeling is valid:
You will no longer be able to see, if you buy healthy or Rockefeller´s GM-poisoned food! But here is a tip: Use smart African Chickens which refuse to eat GM feed with weed-killing proteins!
In the New World Order food plays a very important role as a biological weapon. The way to take complete control of humanity seems to be the Codex Alimentarius which dictates us what to eat and not to eat, taking over complete control of world legislation on foods – and placing us in ignorance about them. The above indicates that GM depopulation and infertility are intended.

Let us take a look at the founding and cooperating partners behind the Codex Alimentarius. The WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation sponsoring the UN (Rockefeller donated the site for the UN building in New York) are closely interwoven. So is FAO, and here is a letter to the FAO mentioning the joint FAO-Rockefeller Foundation.

There is a close cooperation between FAO and CGIAR  dating back to the 1960s and it covers i.a. governance, strategic planning,   sustainable use of plant genetic resources, crop enhancement, seed systems, …etc

CGIAR1CGIAR Home Page  The Rockefeller Foundation was one of sixteen original members of the CGIAR, alongside with the Ford Foundation.

As for the WTO which was dreaded to enforce the rules of the Codex on the world: It is the replacement of the GATT, the president of which was Baron Robert Rothschild 1964–67. The WTO is closely interwoven with the IMF and the World Bank – both ruled by Rockefeller-people, a bilderberger and a CFR, respectively. The  IMF is owned and ruled by Rothschild and 30–40 of the world´s richest people.

Here is what its Director General, multiple bilderberger, Pascal Lamy, former EU Commissioner, has to say on 12 Nov. 2008: “Our relationship with the BIS is a relationship with the BIS constellation, which is BIS as a regulator, notably with the Basel II standard. After the Asian crisis and in cases the abrupt interruption of trade credit lines by international banks to some crisis stricken countries, the WTO, in partnership with the  IMF  and the World Bank, formed an informal group of experts …” The BIS is Rothschild´s organization to secure his grip of national banks founded by Rothschild agents Charles Dawes and Owen Young – as well as the later  leader of Hitler´s Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht. It forms an intimate team with the IMF.

Just listen to what the then member of the EU Parliament, the financier, Sir James Goldsmith, said before the US senate on Nov. 15 about GATT, the predecessor of the WTO (which is principally the same): “GATT is typical of the economic instrument, whose purpose is to increase corporate profits; whose purpose is to increase gross national activity; and whose result will be the destruction of the stability of our society, a continued break-down in family life, a continued increase in crime, impoverishment and all the other ills that we are now suffering.”  Well, sympathetic words – but this very same James Goldsmith was the close business partner of Lord Jacob Rothschild – whose family ordered Adam Weishaupt to produce exactly this programme to undermine our societies!!  So, Mr. Goldsmith knows what he is talking about. In stead of the GATT, they created Rothschild´s WTO, which is now to provide us with their junk food!! Sir James Goldschmidt also fought the WTO.Codex Alimentarius is part of  Rockefellers´ depopulation programme, the Rockefeller-Rothschilds´ strivings for world governance – and an expression of a misanthropical, Luciferian, and here,  selfish, antichristian view of human nature, which has, unfortunately, wheedled even the churches into its satanic net – and here.



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20 Comments on “Codex Alimentarius: Man to Live By Rockefeller´s Infested GM Bread and Milk Alone”

  1. ahrcanum says:

    “AAEM states, “Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation,” including increase in cytokines, which are “associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation”—all on the rise in the US. Even Monsanto’s own research showed significant immune system changes in rats fed Bt corn”

    Do you have a source for this?

    We are what we eat. We apparenly are being sold a bunch of $hit.

  2. NWO Observer says:

    Hi ahrcanum!

    I´ll continue to post more articles about the Codex Alimentarius, Monsanto, GM Food, etc. This subject is very important for our future. The word should be spread, because what this elite people want to do with our food it´s Outrageous. I think many people will die in the future due to the policies of the Codex Alimentarius.

    I´ll try to find some articles about the subject you’ve submitted.

    Thanks for your comment.

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  10. Hey! It is like you understand my mind! You seem to know so much about this, just like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pictures to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is helpful blog post. A good read. I’ll certainly return again.

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  18. Anne Palmer. says:


    Who are the blameless faceless ones?
    The ones who produce the seeds?
    The seeds that will feed the whole wide world,
    Yet kill off all the weeds.
    No sign of flight from birds above,
    The silent spring has come,
    No butterflies fluttering in gentle breeze,
    Their day has long since gone.

    The faceless ones who live so grand,
    And work in tall glass tower,
    Control every aspect of our lives,
    These faceless men of power.
    They tell that Pontius Pilate’s dead,
    That his days and ways are gone,
    Yet they too will quickly wash their hands,
    When another wrong is done.

    Such is the way of the faceless ones,
    Who released the winds of change?
    Now blows the gale that strips the earth,
    To vent anger o’er tortuous range.
    Should we too be classed the “faceless ones”?
    Does the truth now seem uncouth?
    Did we grow too fond of the easy life?
    Where there isn’t much need of truth.

    Are we as guilty as those faceless ones?
    Whose interest was strictly wealth?
    Why do we stand by without a fight?
    While they use trickery and stealth.
    It has oft’ been said there’s none so blind,
    As the ones who will not see,
    Yet faint heart, faint voice win no argument
    Accepting brings hunger and misery.

  19. Anne Palmer. says:

    EU Accession to Codex Alimentarious

    Click to access COM%282001%29287_final.pdf

    If Genetically Engineered food is that good, why is it not labelled as such? So that we can choose to buy it? Organic food is labelled or sold separately so that we can CHOOSE to buy it so why isn’t GM Food?

  20. Anne Palmer. says:

    The Genetically Modified Spud. 1.12 2006

    I used to be a quiet kind of spud,
    Perhaps dull and a bit of a bore,
    But the scientists decided to “modernise” me
    Hoping YOU would be asking for more.

    I used to be a predictable kind of veg,
    Stable, yet on which you could rely,
    But now with a gene from the ‘wild’ thing,
    I’m being rejected and I don’t know why.

    Mess about with what was the dullest of spuds,
    You bite off a lot more than you can chew,
    Remember I have a gene from a wild, wild spud
    You’ll take on far more then you knew.

    For GM experimentation in this Country of ours,
    The politicians this advice should heed,
    By their hand the farmers may have had their chips,
    For the people know well what THEY need.

    Money is the mover and shaker in this,
    Politicians but a porn in the game,
    Leave well alone our children’s diet,
    Or the dull spud will never again be the same.

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