Germany passes legislation to ratify Lisbon treaty

 German MPs have passed revised legislation to ratify the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty increasing pressure on the Irish to vote Yes in a second referendum in three weeks.

Published: Sep. 08, 2009 – The Telegraph

Germany’s Bundestag was forced to re-ratify the controversial treaty, the successor to the European Constitution, after the country’s supreme court asked for extra safeguards against the extension of EU powers in June.

New legislation had to be drafted to satisfy judicial fears that the Lisbon Treaty did not allow the EU “to exceed the powers given to it” by usurping national parliaments.

“It brings Europe closer to the people,” said Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, during the debate.

The changes to the German law enacting the Lisbon Treaty require the government to inform MPs as “thoroughly and as early as possible” about EU decisions.

The German parliament’s vote moves the focus onto Ireland which holds a second popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty on October 2, following a first referendum rejection in June 2008.

All EU member states must ratify the treaty before it can come into force and support in Ireland has slipped sharply in recent weeks.

Poland and the Czech Republic have said they will not sign the treaty into law until Ireland has voted in favour.

“Good news from Germany but the prospects in Ireland are looking very grim,” said an EU official.




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5 Comments on “Germany passes legislation to ratify Lisbon treaty”

  1. […] Germany passes legislation to ratify Lisbon treaty […]

  2. Pleace vote for democracy and against the treaty of lisbon

    Dear irish people!

    Pleace stop the treaty of lisbon! Is is antidemocartic, militaristic, antisocial. The disadvantages are much bigger, than the advantages. The EU can live with its actuell laws. They should only be changed into a democratic direction. With the treaty of lisbon, the european council is able to change this treaty in great parts without asking the parliament. This is nearly the same law, which mades the nationl- rassistic- party of Germany so powerfull in our country in the year 1933. Our basic law (the german constitution) and all other european constitutions should not be replaced by the treaty of lisbon. But the new treaty tries to bring all right- sytstems in a lower level than the new european right. Here is my informationpage: . When you have some more english information, pleace send me a link or text or write it into the visitors book of my page. And pleace spread this text all over Ireland.

    In the hope in your activities for a better Europe, Felix Staratschek, Freiligrathstr. 2, D- 42477 Radevormwald (Germany)

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