New World Order II. The Ruling Class and World Governance Are Our Nations´ Treason Against Us

by Anders
Published: Aug. 19, 2009 –

Osiris - Horus  Eye PyramidSummary: This is Andrew G. Marshall´s review of how the world elite has grasped still more power over the last 20 years. The development is controlled by the Rockefeller , Carnegie, Ford Foundations, etc., which have powerful tools in their clubs, Universities, international political organizations like the G20, G8, G5, the European Union. Now Gordon Brown is calling for a World Bank and world governance. Council on Foreign Relations believes that nation states will be dissolved in the “world governance”: individual state elements: courts, regulatory agencies, corporate executives and even legislatures are in a network with their colleagues around the world, creating a dense network of relations that constitutes a new transgovernmental policy. It is the most widely used and effective way for transnational governance. Under the world governance, transnational  classes of society are being restructured: the international elite, 6000 in the super class, is stateless, working across the borders. Through debt bondage it is actively eliminating the middle class, which is being converted into a trans-national working class, which will be more or less starved to death. The transnational elite has formed a network of trans-national states that have offered parts of their sovereignty to supranational governance bodies. National State has played its role, and in this century it will disappear – there will be a global government– ruling the whole world, says the Council on Foreign Relations. Thus, “World Governance” is more insidious, more sneaking betrayal than the UNs visible world government. We have seen that the New World Order Club of Rome has described the New World Order as a world communist dictatorial one world state. How are they organising this silent Marxist revolution? On this video, Adrian Salbuchi tells the super class that we are prepared for their evil deeds.

This is an excerpt of Andrew Marshall´s monography on the New World order – here about the ruling class. First the author reviews the regional building blocks: The EU/Union for the Mediterranean), the NAFTA/emerging North American Union, the ASEAN, Africa and South America of which the world state is to be built. Conquest of Central Asia is ongoing – endangering world peace in a planned war with Russia (Die Welt 10 May 2009).  For, as Obama´s mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said: “We cannot leap into world government through one quick step…. The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units.” 
This is a form of Socialism known as fascism, and it will be the type of world government the power elite plans ultimately to bring about and control. In this government, the power elite will control politicians who will become government leaders who will promulgate laws, rules and regulations favorable to certain transnational corporations.”

How the transgovernmentalist class managed to take power of the world

Kloden-i NVOs-håndAndrew Gavin Marshall, Global Research 13 Aug. 2009:The economic foundations of the current crisis were laid in the “Clinton globalist project.” As Bello explained, “The administration embraced globalisation as its ‘Grand Strategy’—that is, its fundamental foreign policy posture towards the world.” Further, “The dominant position of the USA allowed the liberal faction of the US capitalist class to act as a leading edge of a transnational ruling elite in the process of formation—a transnational elite alliance that could act to promote the comprehensive interest of the international capitalist class.”[75]Out of the ashes of the financial crisis, a new world order will emerge in constructing a global government.

In October of 2008, Gordon Brown said that we “must have a new Bretton Woods – building a new international financial architecture for the years ahead.” An article in the Telegraph reported that Gordon Brown would want “to see the IMF reformed to become a ‘global central bank’ closely monitoring the international economy and financial system.”[88] In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Gordon Brown wrote that the “new Bretton Woods” should build upon the concept of  “global governance.”[89] He also calls for a “global economic policeman,” perhaps in the form of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).[90] In November of 2008, it was reported that Baron David de Rothschild “shares most people’s view that there is a new world order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance.”[91]

In a 1997 article of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, Anne-Marie Slaughter discussed the theoretical foundations of the New World Order and explained the emergence of what she called a “new medievalism” as opposed to liberal internationalism. “Where liberal internationalists see a need for international rules and institutions to solve states’ problems, the new medievalists proclaim the end of the nation-state,” where “The result is not world government, but global governance. If government denotes the formal exercise of power by established institutions, governance denotes cooperative problem- solving by a changing and often uncertain cast.”[27]

Slaughter states that, “The state is not disappearing, it is disaggregating into its separate, functionally distinct parts. These parts—courts, regulatory agencies, executives, and even legislatures—are networking with their counterparts abroad, creating a dense web of relations that constitutes a new, transgovernmental order,” and that, “transgovernmentalism is rapidly becoming the most widespread and effective mode of international governance.”[28] Slaughter was Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University from 2002-2009, is currently Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State, and has previously served on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Kloden-i-bilderbergs hænderClasses of Society  being restructured under world government
In the past few decades, a concurrent class restructuring has been taking place, in which the middle classes of the world descend into debt bondage while the upper classes have begun a process of transnationalizing. What we have witnessed and are witnessing with recent events, is the transnationalization of class structures, and with that, labour forces.

What connects the ruling elite?
The transnational  ruling elite is stateless.
The international system exists only as an intersubjective awareness among people; in that sense the system is constituted by ideas, not by material forces. It is a set of ideas, a body of thought, a system of norms, which has been arranged by certain people at a particular time and place.
A Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) has emerged, and is a global ruling class. It is a ruling class because it controls the levers of an emergent transnational state apparatus and of global decision making.”[32] This class has no borders, and is composed of the technocratic, media, corporate, banking, social and political elite of the world.

“States could decide “to reduce their sovereignty or even to give up their sovereignty. If that happened there would no longer be an international anarchy as we know it. Instead, there would be a brave new, non-anarchical world – perhaps one in which states were subordinate to a world government.”[33] 

 there is also a rise in the apparatus of a Transnational State (TNS), which is “an emerging network that comprises transformed and externally integrated national states, together with the supranational economic and political forums; it has not yet acquired any centralized institutional form.”[34] Among the economic apparatus of the TNS we see the IMF, World Bank, WTO and regional banks. On the political side we see the Group of 7, Group of 22, United Nations, OECD, and the European Union. This was further accelerated with the Trilateral Commission, “which brought together transnationalized fractions of the business, political, and intellectual elite in North America, Europe, and Japan.” Further, the World Economic Forum has made up an important part of this class, and, I might add, the Bilderberg Group.

The TNS apparatus has been a vital principle of organization and socialization for the transnational class, “as have world class universities, transnationally oriented think tanks, the leading bourgeois foundations, such as Harvard’s School of International Business, the Ford [and Rockefeller] and the Carnegie Foundations, [and] policy planning groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations.” These “elite planning groups are important forums for integrating class groups, developing new initiatives, collective strategies, policies and projects of class rule, and forging consensus and a political culture around these projects.”[36]

Robinson and Harris identify the World Economic Forum as “the most comprehensive transnational planning body of the TCC and the quintessential example of a truly global network binding together the TCC in a transnational civil society.”[37]

I would take issue with this, and instead propose the Bilderberg Group. Kissinger-order-chaosBilderberg is simply the most influential planning body, sitting atop a grand hierarchy of various planning bodies and institutions, and is itself a key part of the apparatus of the formation of a Transnational State, but is not a “world government.” It is a global think tank.
The economic crisis is perhaps the greatest “opportunity” ever given to the TCC in re-shaping the world order according to their designs, ideals and goals.

To achieve these ends, however, all classes must be transnationalized, not simply the ruling class. Now that there is an established “Superclass” of a transnational composition, the other classes must follow suit. The middle class is targeted for elimination in this sense, because most of the world has no middle class, and to fully integrate and internationalize a middle class, this would require industrialization and development in places such as Africa, and would represent a massive threat to the Superclass, as it would be a valve through which much of their wealth and power would escape them. Their goal is not to lose their wealth and power to a transnational middle class, but rather to extinguish the notion of a middle class, and transnationalize a lower, uneducated, labour oriented class, through which they will secure ultimate wealth and power.

The economic crisis serves these ends, the lower classes of the world, poverty-stricken even prior to the crisis, will suffer the greatest, most probably leading to a massive reduction in population levels, particularly in the “Third World” states.

The TCC or Superclass (Rothkopf estimates the number at 6,000 individuals within the ruling class), ….is not immune to such drastic and rapid changes itself.

Constructing the Political Structure of a Global Government
Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton administration from 1994 to 2001, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and is currently President of the Brookings Institution: “Within the next 100 years, “nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.

Babels_tower_globalismThere has always been an overall trend toward larger units claiming sovereignty. Each world war inspired the creation of an international organization, the League of Nations in the 1920s and the United Nations in the ’40s.The European Community pioneer the kind of regional cohesion that may pave the way for globalism. The best mechanism for democracy, whether at the level of the multinational state or that of the planet as a whole, is  a federation, a union of separate states that allocate certain powers to a central government while retaining many others for themselves.”[56]

In a 2001 issue of Foreign Affairs, Richard Falk and Andrew Strauss wrote an article titled, “Toward Global Parliament”: The nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world.” (61). Marshall brings many more similar statements.

The aim of destroying the middle class and its replacement by the proletariat makes the massive Muslim immigration and the increasing unemployment which the Wall Street superclass has created  in the middle class comprehensible. However, I do not think the New World Order can do entirely without some. reduced, well-educated middle class.The most prominent of the New World Order clubs is no doubt the Council on Foreign Relations, which rules the USA and the world by means of David Rockefeller´s Studies Programme. As seen above the CFR scorns the nation state and favours world governance/world government by an undemocratic corporative clique of transnational corporations, politicians, media people and their masters behind the whole treacherous crime against us: The architects of the New World Order, the illuminists, for whom the EU states to work (explanatory statement).

The globalists are  dangling a brave new non-anarchist world before us in their world state – although the process of  globalisation  up to now has begotten increasing chaos, violence and – anarchy because of immigration and parallel societies.

UN_NWOThe CFR makes a futile attempt to discern between global government and global governance in order to pull the wool over our eyes:“If government denotes the formal exercise of power by established institutions, governance denotes cooperative problem- solving by a changing and often uncertain cast.” But who decides the “consensus” in a hurry? Those with the Money: the illuminists and their bought political henchmen: This class has no borders, is stateless.
We are being told that the components of our states (courts, executives, legislature governments etc.) lose their independence by networking globally (i.e. receiving orders from the gurus of globalization: The illuminists, whose heads are the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties and their tools: the CFR, Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome. Thus, it comes true: Money governs the world – and it comes from Lucifer´s obedient followers, who have stolen it from us.

We are being told that the illuminists want to eliminate the world´s middle class to have just 2 classes: The “superclass”, the transhuman gods of the “Age of Transition” in their own imagination, and the underlings to be made robots, the slaves, whose number is to be reduced – the useless eaters. The whole bunch is to be transnationalised, stateless, without character. A herd – not thinking individuals. How far they have already come down that path!!

Only God can stop this madness, for we have been totally hypnotized by these New World Order criminals.      




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