Obama’s Wars (Last Updated – Sun. Aug. 23)

US soldiers kill Iraqi civilian again
Sun Aug 23  – The US soldiers have killed an Iraqi civilian after they stormed his home in the eastern province of Diyala, an Iraqi official has said.

Iraqis begin restoring concrete walls in Baghdad
Sat Aug 22, – BAGHDAD – Workers used giant cranes to raise concrete walls around the blast-scarred Foreign Ministry and other government buildings on Saturday, as Iraqi authorities sought to bolster security after suicide truck bombings that killed scores in Baghdad.

Bombing of Iraqi ministry hit nearby resident hard
Sat. 22 Aug. – BAGHDAD – The suicide bomber who drove two tons of explosives to the base of Iraq’s Foreign Ministry took aim at a symbol of the Iraqi government, but dozens of his victims lived in a clutch of small brick and mortar houses behind the ministry.

Toll rises in Pakistan drone attack
Sat. Aug. 22 – The death toll from a suspected US air raid in Pakistan has risen after nine more bodies were pulled from the rubble, officials have said.

Baghdad bombings possible inside job
Sat Aug 22 – Iraq’s foreign minister said that those who carried out bombings that targeted government buildings in the Iraqi capital received help to pull off the attacks, possibly from Iraqi security forces.


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