Obama’s Wars (Last Updated 23 Aug.)

Iraq: 2 killed in Baghdad truck bombing
Fri. Aug, 21 – A bomb attached to a small truck exploded Friday at the entrance of a wholesale vegetable market, an Iraqi police official said, a day after Iraq’s prime minister promised increased security at checkpoints near government buildings and markets.

Afghanistan Bomb Blasts Kill Two U.K. Soldiers, One U.S.
Fri. Aug. 21 — Three soldiers serving in the NATO- led force in Afghanistan, one American and two Britons, were killed by separate explosions.

US: 4 American troops in Iraq charged with cruelty
Fri. Aug. 21 – BAGHDAD – Four American soldiers in Iraq have been charged with cruelty and maltreatment of soldiers in their platoon, the U.S. military said Friday.

US official tastes Pakistanis’ anger at America
Thu. Aug. 20 – President Barack Obama’s efforts to convince Pakistanis that the US is their friend are not running smooth though America doles out billions of dollars for the country’s infrastructure development, trade, energy, schools and jobs.

Four US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Thu. Aug. 20 – Three were killed in attacks in the south on Wednesday while a fourth died in a mortar attack in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, the International Security Assistance Force said.


One Comment on “Obama’s Wars (Last Updated 23 Aug.)”

  1. O Obi One tem gerido bem os meios de comunicação no que a guerras diz respeito. Não só o tema anda apagado, como ninguém se importa, e até acha normal que se mate esses “terroristas”. O que era mau no tempo do Bush, hoje é bom via Public Relations e centrais de comunicação.

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