Police, soldiers killed in Afghan attacks…

A US soldier, a member of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), has been killed in southern Afghanistan, NATO says.

The military said that the soldier died in a “hostile incident” on Tuesday. It did not give further details.

Moreover, two US soldiers died in a bomb blast in eastern Afghanistan and another NATO soldier was killed in a suicide blast in Kabul.


The deaths follow a spike in attacks ahead of presidential and provincial council elections on Thursday that Taliban insurgents have vowed to disrupt.

Meanwhile, an Afghan provincial governor said Wednesday that NATO attack helicopters hunting Taliban rebels had mistakenly killed four policemen in central Afghanistan overnight.

Three other policemen were wounded and two were missing after the raid near the town of Ghazni, provincial governor Mohammad Osman Osmani told AFP.

More than 40 international troops have died in Afghanistan this month, according to the icasualties website that tracks deaths in the conflict.

There are more than 100,000 mostly Western soldiers under NATO and US-led command deployed in Afghanistan to fight against a Taliban insurgency which has seen record attacks this year.

Some 300,000 Afghan and foreign forces will be providing security for the August 20 presidential polls.

Source: press tv


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