Chavez Says U.S. Troops Involved in Ouster of Honduras’s Zelaya…

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he has information that indicates that U.S. troops were involved in removing deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya from power and putting him on a plane to neighboring Costa Rica.

Zelaya told Chavez that when he was awakened by armed Honduran troops on June 28 he was taken to the U.S. military base in Honduras and that U.S. generals made the decision to send him to Costa Rica, Chavez said today.

U.S. President Barack Obama doesn’t understand what is happening in the region, Chavez said, and should close military bases in Honduras and Guantanamo, Cuba.

“I think Obama is lost, he’s confused,” he said on his weekly television program. “We’re not asking him to intervene in Honduras. To the contrary, we’re asking him to take the empire’s hands off of Honduras and its claws out of Latin America.”

Phone messages left at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas seeking comment weren’t immediately returned.

Zelaya has been seeking support to return to Honduras since his removal. Roberto Micheletti, the former president of the Congress, took over as the acting president.

Obama, who met with leaders from Mexico and Canada on Aug. 10, said that democratic order must be restored to Honduras. He also said that the same Latin American countries that asked him not to intervene in the region are now asking him to take action to restore Zelaya.

To contact the reporter on this story: Daniel Cancel in Caracas at

Source: Bloomberg


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