Memo reveals US backed anti-leftist coups…

New documents reveal former presidents Richard Nixon of the US and Emilio Medici of Brazil discussed a cooperative effort to topple leftists in Latin America during the cold war.

The formerly secret memos, published by the National Security Archive in Washington on Sunday, showed a desire by the US and Brazil to overthrow leftist governments, including Chile’s Salvador Allende and Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

At a meeting in the Oval Office on Dec. 9, 1971, Nixon said he was willing to offer Brazil the assistance, monetary or otherwise, it might need to rid South America of leftist governments, the White House memorandum of the meeting shows.

The history of the Nixon administration shows that American officials wanted to stop Allende from taking power in 1970, after the US government had publicly stressed the importance of democratic elections there.
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(photo: President Richard Nixon (L) and Brazilian President Emilio Medici (R))


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