USA violates human rights humiliating air passengers…

The most democratic country in the world, the USA, violates human rights. All foreigners leaving the United States will have to undergo the humiliating process of biometric data collection from May 28.

All the people leaving the territory of the United States of America will have their fingerprints and pictures taken. Robert Mocny, director of the US-VISIT program at DHS, stated that the foreign nationals departing from two international airports of the country will have to undergo the procedure. The pilot program will be launched in Atlanta (Georgia) and Detroit (Michigan).

The procedure will become mandatory for everyone – both US citizens and foreigners – from 2010. US authorities say that the procedure will not make passengers stay at the airports longer than usual.

The screening process will take up to 1.5 minutes, US officials assert. The equipment has been prepared.

Until recently, fingerprints were taken only from foreigners holding US entry visas. They received special passport inlays indicating the dates of their stay in the country as a result of the procedure.

The current measures, Mocny said, were taken within the scope of the struggle against illegal immigrants.

“Once a visa is issued and tied with a biometric, once a passport is issued and tied to a biometric, that passport or visa cannot be used by anybody else,” he said. “There are tens of millions of lost or stolen passports that circulate the globe on the black market used by international criminals and terrorists. This [biometric verification] puts a stop to that,” Mocny said.
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