Israel’s Gaza report ‘lacks credibility’: Amnesty…

LONDON (AFP) — The Israeli army’s investigation into its recent war in Gaza “lacks credibility” and is no substitute for an independent probe, London-based rights organisation Amnesty International said Thursday.

The Israeli army on Wednesday defended its conduct during the 22-day offensive against Hamas, saying five investigations carried out by the military found the army “operated in accordance with international law.”

But Amnesty said the army briefing “lacks crucial details” and failed to explain the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths during the war, including incidents involving shooting at medical facilities.

“In the absence of the necessary evidence to substantiate its allegations, the army?s claims appear to be more an attempt to shirk its responsibilities than a genuine process to establish the truth,” it said in a briefing note.

“Such an approach lacks credibility.”
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2 Comments on “Israel’s Gaza report ‘lacks credibility’: Amnesty…”

  1. Since when did Israel ever admit to anything? Its war crimes are always “justified” and the blame is always placed on anyone BUT themselves!


  2. Matt says:

    Why does American taxpayers’ money get sent to fund Israel? What have they done for us that they deserve huge benefits?

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