Mumbai Fakery…

via MD Jarv

One Comment on “Mumbai Fakery…”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Hollywood, Bollywood, their stupid movies, and their made up news, stink. The actors/actresses are morons, they really stink, especially the ones that have “opinions”. This scam needs to get buried. Why do people pay to watch this crap? The first thing the Tea Party should do is boycott Hollywood and stop the lies and filth once and for all. Is it not tyranical that we are constantly fed violence, fear, sex, and destruction? It is a horror-fest of negative thought patterns gone viral. These extremely negative patterns are to our harm and dysfunction. It is taking us to a place that is so violent that we will beg for a police state as a solution. It is the biggest mind control program out there, watch this double-crap baloney to your peril.

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