Tony Blair earns nearly £400,000 for two 30-minute speeches…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair earned more than £6,000 a minute for giving two half-hour lectures, making him the world’s most expensive public speaker, according to reports.

Mr Blair, who is thought to have earned more than £15 million since standing down, gave the speeches during a 36-hour visit to the Philippines, where he arrivedby private jet on March 23.

He was paid £182,000 for giving a talk called ‘The Leader as Nation Builder in a Time of Globalisation’, according to Manny Pangilinan, chairman of telecommunications company PLDT, which sponsored the lecture, and is said to have received a similar amount for a a talk entitled ‘The Leader as Principled Negotiator’ in a luxury hotel in Manila later the same day.

“Politics really matters, but a lot of what goes on is not great,” Mr Blair was quoted as telling his audience.
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