Interview: Ms V Reveals The Hidden Agenda of the European Union

An evening with Ms V as she details the takeover of The United Kingdom by the European Union. Some UK Newspapers are telling all and trying to get the word out to the people. They are up against the machinery of the EU and a Blair government who’s mission is to hand over the UK to the EU. Fabian Socialist sympathetic Blair is leaving, his successor Gordon Brown gave a speech to the Annual Fabian Society get together at Imperial College London. He is a cut of the same cloth. See and hear as Ms V details the depth of trouble her country is in and as illustrated in the news. How the country is being dumbed down and manipulated with political correctness, endess regulation, rfid, gps, road cameras, and surveillance society methods. 1984 is here. Next, watch as US cities employ traffic cameras and surveillance on every street corner in the city just as the UK does now.

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