Documentary – Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror by John Pilger (51 min.)

SYNOPSIS: Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror by John Pilger dissects the truth and lies in the ‘war on terror’. Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates the discrepancies between American and British claims for the ‘war on terror’ and the facts on the ground as he finds them in Afghanistan and Washington, DC. In 2001, as the bombs began to drop, George W. Bush promised Afghanistan “the generosity of America and its allies”. Now, the familiar old warlords are regaining power, religious fundamentalism is renewing its grip and military skirmishes continue routinely. In “liberated” Afghanistan, America has its military base and pipeline access, while the people have the warlords who are, says one woman, “in many ways worse than the Taliban”. In Washington, Pilger conducts a series of remarkable interviews with William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, and leading Administration officials such as Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and John Bolton, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. These people, and the other architects of the Project for the New American Century, were dismissed as ‘the crazies’ by the first Bush Administration in the early 90s when they first presented their ideas for pre-emptive strikes and world domination. Pilger also interviews presidential candidate General Wesley Clark, and former intelligence officers, all the while raising searching questions about the real motives for the ‘war on terror’While President Bush refers to the US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq as two ‘great victories’, Pilger asks the question – victories over whom, and for what purpose? Pilger describes Afghanistan as a country “more devastated than anything I have seen since Pol Pot’s Cambodia”. He finds that Al-Qaida has not been defeated and that the Taliban is re-emerging. And of the “victory” in Iraq, he asks: “Is this Bush’s Vietnam?”


Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror from John Pilger on Vimeo.

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26 responses to “Documentary – Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror by John Pilger (51 min.)

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  24. Why beckons to become the biggest question?
    By Dwight Baker
    January 16, 2011

    MY TAKE on
    DOCUMENTARY – Breaking The Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror by John Pilger

    John had access to many of the Political Power Brokers that otherwise have stayed out of the press. His filming editing and presentation of the facts was superb considering the subject matter.

    Yet off in the distance in my mind was the biggest question that I have toiled with for years and the question was WHY?

    I began serious research on these subject matters about 17 years ago. And to this day I still ponder the end game solutions that have been planned for the American people. To that degree of study I listen intently as each little tinge of our Freedom slips away and at the same time the AWE Supreme Federal Government is stressed to be our sole provider.

    Thus in the film and along with my resource information a strong call come about for me to go deeper into the scarring of our Troops Conscience.

    Skull and Bones the illicit fraternity at Yale University practices the art of deception. The rights of passage that all take have been proven to be the scarring of conscience, in that their are none that have come out of that Fraternity that are trustable. Lists of those members are available on line. For that matter as you look at the list you will notice that the CIA is the jumping off place for most of them. They have proven to be without conscience by their deeds done to each other. I prefer not to explain the things that I have learned about them on-line but should you desire to know it is at your command. The bottom line about Skull and Bones is that it is founded on Ancient Witchcraft from the tribal leaders that had a hand in building Stonehenge and developing their worship of their gods.

    From that same set of genetic people the origins of the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers emerged. And to that end those two families control the world system at this time. Therefore I call that crowd the top of the food chain as cannibals the Predator Beasts.

    Thus, WHY? Troops must be trained to be killers of the innocent ruthless, raping savage beast to conduct the wars needed by the Predator Beasts.

    Now with those things in mind understand that ‘Sooner or later our own men and women in uniform will turn against us’

    • San Tron HonoH


      Whatever the reasons for holding on to Diaoyu Islands, Japan claim to ownership is weak.

      There are books, reports and maps from the 15th century, during the period of the Ming Dynasty, that establish in no uncertain terms that Diaoyu Island is Chinese territory.

      The book Voyage with a Tail Wind and the Record of the Imperial Envoy Visit to Ryukyu bear testimony to this. Even writings by Japanese scholars in the 19th century acknowledged this fact.


  25. “…the top of the food chain..” Or the bottom

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